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Tips for Dunning During COVID-19

A crisis is the most important time to stay on top of collections in order to make sure your company has enough cash on hand. It can be a struggle to find the balance between being flexible with customers while trying to maximize your own company's cash flow. We offer the following tips to do just this; keeping your customers' health and your company’s both a top priority.

Strategies for Collections Teams in a Crisis—The Frontlines of Cash Flow Q&A

Credit & Collections leaders from Snowflake, Slack, and Veeva Systems provide tactical responses to audience questions about managing A/R during a crisis.

Predicting Collections Activity

There can be large fluctuations from month to month with collections activity, which can lead to many collections leaders scratching their heads as to why they vary so much. The P(Roll) model developed by Tesorio aims to help companies understand the month-to-month cash fluctuations.

Tesorio Launches Its Payments Platform

The majority of global businesses still pay bills with paper checks, resulting in an estimated $500 billion in annual administrative costs. The Tesorio Payments Platform alleviates this burden by providing a streamlined payments service where customers can effortlessly view invoices and easily process transactions.

Q&A with 3 CFOs: How to Guide Your Business Forward During Uncertainty

Wondering how smart CFOs think and act in uncertain times? Learn from three of the best. Here are the audience's questions answered. The former CFOs of Oracle, NetSuite, and King answered the lingering questions you’re facing right now.

Five Clear Signs That It Is Time To Upgrade Your AR System

President and Founder of Olson Cash Flow Consulting Services, Glen Olson, shares five examples of inefficiencies that should lead you to re-analyze your current AR system and decide whether it is time for an upgrade.