Q3 Highlights: New AR Features & Enhancements

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The Tesorio team has been busy this quarter innovating in Accounts Receivable Automation. Here are some quick highlights that were released this quarter.

AR Forecast

Three new features in AR Forecast give teams the ability to interact more deeply with their forecasts and compare their forecasts against historical performance.

  • Group your forecasts by quarter for an overall view of forecasted and actual collections

  • Augment your forecasts with manual adjustments, positive or negative, to account for information like future billings that are not yet invoices in your ERP, so not yet included in Tesorio’s automated forecast.
  • View a rich breakdown of your historical collections performance by aging bucket. And,
    in a given period, understand how current forecasts and collections stack up against historical trends.

Financial Care Center

Streamline payment acceptance with AutoPay. Your customers can now configure invoices for auto payment on the due date, ensuring you get paid on time, and they do not need to process each invoice manually.

Also, users can now configure the expiration timing of portal links that are shared with customers. By default, links expire after 14 days, but you can increase or decrease this by subsidiary to ensure the portal is accessible whenever it’s needed.

Workspace Efficiencies

A number of new filters and workspace features enable you and your teams to work more efficiently and configure workflows that are tailored to your business.

  • Configure default columns for Invoices and Customer Payments workspaces, so that each time you create a new workspace, your favorite columns are pre-selected.
  • New filters related to promise to pay dates let you easily identify invoices with or without promise to pay dates, as well as those where the promise to pay date is in the past or the future. Use the filters in workspaces as well as campaigns to identify invoices that are more or less at risk, and communicate with your customers accordingly.

NetSuite Integration Enhancements

NetSuite customers now experience faster sync times following our upgrade to NetSuite’s newest SuiteQL technology for integration. To take advantage of these performance improvements, customers must update their NetSuite bundles. All customers must migrate by December 30, 2022. You can find more information and instructions here.

Inbox Assignment Logic

To continue streamlining the process of communicating with customers, additional logic is now available in the Inbox in order to automatically link incoming emails with invoices and/or customers in Tesorio. When an invoice number is present in the email subject, the email is linked to the corresponding invoice and customer. When the sender or a recipient of the email is an invoice or customer level contact, the email is assigned to that invoice and/or customer. If the contact is associated with multiple customers, assignment is not done automatically. Contacts with the ‘Internal Contact’ label and contacts with the company’s internal domain are ignored.

Cash Application

Tesorio continues to expand our new Cash Application product with the support of CAMT53 files for customers with international bank accounts.