Accounts Receivable Automation & Collections Management

Collect Cash Faster, More Efficiently, and With Less Risk

Tesorio applies machine learning to financial data to help customers with AR automation including smart workflow tools, predicted pay dates, and automated collections forecasting.
Treasury, FP&A, accounts receivable, sales and customer success teams can all leverage cash insights to gain perspective into customer health.

Accounts Receivable and Collections Automation

Collecting cash faster is critical to cash flow performance. Tesorio helps AR teams collect cash more quickly and easily by automating key processes and providing invaluable AI-driven recommendations on when to collect and from which customers based on data from ERP systems.
Tesorio’s AR module includes:
AR Data Aggregation
All your AR information for all your customers in a single dashboard
Display custom views by time periods, regions, invoice status  or other conditionals
Intelligently consolidates or separates multiple invoices from the same customer based on filters
Integrates with major ERP systems in 30 minutes - no IT required
Automated Dunning
Make sure you are asking for cash from the right accounts at the right time.
Simple set up and administration - build your first campaign in minutes
Add or exclude recipients based on automated triggers
Include customized and personalized messaging
Assigns accounts to specific team members’ dashboards
Machine learning uses historic behaviors to predict payments with high accuracy
Aggregates multiple invoice payments to create per customer prediction model
Captures and displays prediction errors to enhance model integrity
Allows human intervention to adjust predictions based on external knowledge

Tesorio Payments Platform

Collect payments conveniently, securely, and with full visibility. The Tesorio Payments Platform provides a streamlined payments service where customers can effortlessly view invoices and make transactions through an easy to use interface.

With The Payments Platform You Can:

  • Collect Faster: Select invoice and pay in just a few clicks
  • Reduce DSO: Payment links embedded in dunning campaigns
  • Customize your Workflow: Corporate branding on portal and invoices
  • Fully Integrated: Transactions reflected in Tesorio and ERP
  • Key Insights: View KPIs and transaction history
  • Increased Visibility: View and download statements, invoices, and receipts
  • Ease of Use: Store payment information for recurring use