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Why The World Needs Cash Flow Performance

Cash flow performance: A measurement of an organization’s efficiency in accelerating and managing cash flow across all functionalities (including sales and marketing, HR and other secondary and tertiary aspects of the business)

In today’s finance world, cash flow is a second-class citizen — modeled with manual and error-prone spreadsheets, painstakingly reported out of numerous systems that cannot talk to each other, always an educated guess rather than a fact.

This is insane.

Because cash flow is the lifeblood of a business. Comprehensive academic research shows that companies that manage cash effectively grow faster and have higher valuations - that cash flow is perhaps the most important determinant of a company’s future success. And, frankly, if you run out of cash, then you’re done.

We built Tesorio for finance teams that believe cash flow is the most important metric in their business, that care about cash flow performance even if they never heard the term.

But it’s about more than profit and loss, about more than mere money.

Strong cash flow performance also empowers businesses to be more humane - to grow more quickly and generate more jobs, to operate a stable business with fewer layoffs, and to automate the many boring and thankless tasks traditionally required to manage, predict, forecast, and collect cash. To let their finance teams spend time solving problems creatively rather than “counting beans”.

Because we come from the finance sector and the software sector, we wanted to Tesorio to be a platform that finance teams would love to use - with a clean, well-styled user interface and intuitive and easy-to-use workflows, just like the best applications on an iPhone. Finance teams deserve nice things too.

What you see today in Tesorio is the first step of a long journey as we build out many more applications that extend and expand the definition of cash flow performance to allow you to measure the cash flow impact of every part of a business - of every marketing campaign, of each sales team, of every business unit, every tradeshow and every R&D project. That may sound ambitious. But once you have created a platform that collects, collates and analyzes with machine learning all business activities through that lens, then attribution of actions to cash flow becomes not only possible but inevitable.

Every business wants to grow faster with less volatility and more predictability. Every audit committee and CFO wants to be sure the estimates they gave to the Street match the quarterly earnings. Profit is opinion. Cash flow is fact. And cash flow performance is king.