Service Level Agreement

Last updated: October 17, 2022, v 2.2

This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) states the online availability commitments for Tesorio’s Cash Flow Management Software (the “Service”), support service response times, and the credits that are available should the actual availability not meet those standards. The SLA is provided in addition to Support (as defined in the Agreement).

Availability. The Service will be available from the Tesorio production data center's Internet connection points 99.5% of the time each calendar month except for Planned Maintenance, Emergency Maintenance, and Uncontrollable Events (“Availability”).

Planned Maintenance” may occur up to four hours each week.

Emergency Maintenance” means those tasks that require immediate performance in order to ensure the security and operation of the Service and its infrastructure, such as software and network security patches and updates.

Uncontrollable Events” are those events that disrupt Availability and that are beyond Tesorio’s reasonable ability to control, such as natural disasters, telecommunications systems disruptions, wrongful conduct by Tesorio’s customers, and civil disruption.

Service Level Credits. Service Level Credits are provided if Availability is less than 99.5%.

Availability %

Service Level Credit %

99% to 99.49%


98% to 98.99%


97% to 97.99%


95% to 96.99%


Under 95%


The Service Level Credit % will be applied to the prorated monthly fee for the Service during the month that Availability was under 99.5%.

For purposes of illustration only:

Hours per Month

24 hours, 30 days a month


Excused Non-Availability

Weekly Planned Maintenance

4 hours per week, 4.2 weeks per month


Monthly Planned Maintenance

4 hours per month


Emergency Maintenance



Uncontrollable Events



Subtotal Excused Non-Availability Hours


Availability Hours

Hours per Month less Excused Non-Availability Hours


Unexcused Non-Availability Hours



Net Availability Hours

Availability Hours minus Unexcused Non-Availability Hours


Availability %

Net Availability Hours divided by Availability Hours (696.7/698.7)


Customer may request a Service Level Credit by emailing The Service Level Credit will be applied to the annual bill following the year in which the Service Level Credit was requested and confirmed by Tesorio. If the customer does not renew at the end of term, they will receive a refund by check in the amount of the accepted Service Level Credit. The Service Level Credit is Tesorio’s sole obligation and Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy for Tesorio’s failure to meet the standards of this SLA.