Stay Ahead with AP Portal Monitoring by Tesorio

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Managing invoice statuses across multiple portals can be time-consuming and cumbersome. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our AI-driven AP Portal Monitoring feature in Tesorio. This innovative solution allows your team to stay on top of status updates from portals like Coupa and Ariba without the need to log in constantly.

What is AP Portal Monitoring?

AP Portal Monitoring is a powerful tool designed to streamline your accounts payable process. It automates the monitoring of emails from Coupa and Ariba, providing real-time status updates directly within your Tesorio instance. This feature ensures that you are always aware of your invoice statuses, reducing the manual effort and time spent checking each portal individually.

Key Features

  • Automatic Email Monitoring: Tesorio monitors all relevant emails sent to the accounts connected to your instance. For team accounts, emails are monitored automatically, while for individual accounts, specific emails from do_not_reply@<yourcustomer> and * are tracked.

  • AP Portal Provider: Upon receiving an email, the AP Portal Provider is set automatically for the customer. You can click the icon next to the portal name to visit the portal directly or set the status manually in the customer drawer or workspace. The bulk setting of the AP Provider is also available for efficiency.

Invoice Statuses

AP Portal Monitoring tracks five critical invoice statuses:

  1. Ready to Submit: A matching Purchase Order (PO) has been received from the portal.

  2. Pending Approval: The invoice has been submitted to Coupa but is not yet approved.

  3. Approved: The invoice has been approved for payment.

  4. Disputed: The invoice has encountered a dispute.

  5. Paid: The invoice has been marked as paid.

You can add columns and filter by Portal Provider and Statuses in the Invoices workspace, making it easy to manage and review your invoices.

Additional Functionalities

  • Email Icon Insights: Hover over the email icon next to the AP Portal Status to view the source email, providing quick access to relevant communication details.

  • Notes: Every status update generates a note, reflecting the changes. Any comments or notes from your customer included in the email will be automatically added to the Notes field in Tesorio.

  • Tasks for Disputed Invoices: If an invoice status changes to Disputed, Tesorio creates a task for the invoice assignee. If no assignee is set, the task is still created and can be assigned later.

  • Promise-to-Pay Dates: For approved invoices, Tesorio automatically sets the promise-to-pay date based on the invoice terms. For example, if an invoice with Net 30 terms is approved on June 1, the promise-to-pay date is set for June 30.

Coming Soon

Currently, AP Portal Monitoring supports Coupa and Ariba invoices. However, we are working on expanding this feature to include other portals soon, enhancing its functionality and providing even greater convenience.

See it in Action

To see it in action, check out this pre-recorded webinar that showcases examples of powerful automation in Tesorio.


Tesorio’s AP Portal Monitoring is a game-changer for managing your accounts payable. By automating status updates and integrating seamlessly with your email accounts, it allows your team to focus on more strategic tasks, improving overall efficiency and productivity. Enable this feature today and experience a smoother, more streamlined accounts payable process.