Driving Financial Success: Tesorio Continues to Be a Leader in G2's Summer 2023 Reports

G2 Summer 2023

SAN FRANCISCO, June 14th, 2023- The G2 Summer 2023 Reports have been released, and Tesorio is once again a leader in three accounting categories. We secured the #1 spot in nine major reports and earned a total of 18 badges. This accomplishment amplifies our ongoing mission to provide superior financial solutions, helping mid-market accounting teams transform their cash flow management and expedite their collections processes.

Tesorio, the Cash Flow Performance platform, is now a 10x Leader in AR Automation, 6x Leader in Credit & Collections, and 3x Leader in Cash Flow Management. Here's a rundown of our remarkable victories in the G2 Summer 2023 Reports:

G2 rankings are based on customer satisfaction scores, market presence, and reviews left directly by Tesorio customers. With an impressive user base of over 80 million individuals every year, G2 is the most reliable software marketplace.

These awards affirm our commitment to providing an exceptional product experience and top-notch customer service. The badges we've been awarded include:

Check out what some Tesorio customers have to say:

“For me personally, Tesorio has been a huge help in tracking overdue invoices and allowing me to easily track communications with the customer around them. I spend a lot less time scanning through my emails, and can quickly follow up or resend invoices when necessary.”

“Tesorio helps our global accounts receivable team manage a large A/R portfolio - $100,000,000+ with more than 10,000 open invoices every month. With Tesorio, we have seen increased cash flow each month, while reducing past due A/R."

“Tesorio has enabled us to fully automate our AR collections process, improving our AR aging and reducing the amount of manual work in heavy excel files."

Tesorio’s CEO and co-founder, Carlos Vega, appreciates this shared victory and emphasizes that it belongs equally to our esteemed customers, who've placed their trust in us, and to our dedicated team, whose tireless efforts have made this achievement possible. "Seeing Tesorio lead in the G2 reports is both humbling and rewarding. We are committed to providing top-tier financial solutions for our customers, aiding finance teams to streamline their processes, make their cash flow predictable, and build collaborative business relationships with their own customers."

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all our customers for their continuous support of our products and services. Here's to further success, innovation, and continued leadership in A/R automation, credit and collections, and cash management! We are excited to continue focusing on our commitment to solving the day-to-day needs of accounting teams.

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