Tesorio Replaces Cash Flow Forecasting With the Launch of Cash Flow Direct


Burlingame, CA - Tesorio today announced the launch of Cash Flow Direct, forever changing the way businesses forecast and drive cash. Delivering the first automated direct method, transaction-driven cash view for business, Tesorio Cash Flow Direct leverages Artificial Intelligence to replace traditional forecasting with a dynamic, real-time, collaborative workspace that connects finance teams with data, each other, colleagues across their businesses, and their customers and vendor partners. The result is an unparalleled view into variance attribution, stronger and far more predictable cash flow, better and faster business decisions, and healthier customer and vendor relationships.

“Every finance leader knows that traditional cash flow forecasting is a tedious and reactive process that drives bad behaviors and ultimately doesn’t serve modern companies,” said Carlos Vega, Tesorio’s chief executive. “Instead of trying to forecast trends based on aggregated historical data every quarter, finance teams can focus on accurately tracking and predicting cash and taking next-best actions in real-time. With Tesorio Cash Flow Direct our customers always know where to focus, drill down, and take actions. They can instantly produce forecasts and run scenarios whenever they want, and it’s all connected directly to Tesorio’s streamlined workflows for managing working capital.”

See and Address Variances Before They Become Problems

With automated variance analysis of forecasts to actuals, teams gain an ability to see and understand data in ways that have previously been impossible. Tesorio customers also have an unprecedented ability to prioritize and take strategic actions from easily addressing individual variances and variance drivers, to simply overriding variances altogether. Tesorio Cash Flow Direct also works seamlessly with Microsoft Excel enabling finance teams to effortlessly import and export data and models.

Breakthrough Cash Flow Performance When It’s Needed Most

Until now, forecasting has been a time-consuming, rigid, and often disjointed and error-prone process that delivers snapshot cash views that are outdated as soon as they are produced. In the current climate of unrelenting business uncertainty, change, and acceleration, traditional forecasting with a goal of cash preservation isn’t enough. Featuring dynamic and customizable workspaces with invoice and customer-level due date and predicted date views, plus the ability to drill down into actuals, Tesorio Cash Flow Direct frees finance teams to act strategically, in unison, and in real-time.

To learn more about Tesorio Cash Flow Direct or to request a demonstration contact us at connect@tesorio.com or visit www.tesorio.com/cash-flow-direct

About Tesorio

Tesorio connects people and data to make cash flow strong and predictable so that companies can control their own destiny and change the world. The Tesorio Connected Finance Platform replaces tedious and reactive cash flow forecasting and collections processes with accurate, real-time predictions, and actionable insights based on behavioral trends. Finance teams are empowered to achieve breakthrough cash flow performance while improving customer experience and relationships.

Tesorio is the 2019 Oracle NetSuite SuiteCloud New Partner of the Year, and the company boasts a Net Promoter Score (NPS) that is 23 points higher than the SaaS industry average. Tesorio is a privately held company funded by Madrona Venture Group, Y Combinator, Floodgate, and others. Tesorio is headquartered in Burlingame, CA.