Tesorio: Leading the Way in Cash Flow Innovation and G2’s 2024 Spring Report 


We're excited to announce that in the G2 Spring 2024 Reports, Tesorio continues to outshine competitors and be a leader in Accounts Receivable, Credit & Collections, and Cash Flow Management.

G2 Grid® for Credit and Collections Software

Tesorio stands out with high user ratings and a significant market presence in the Credit & Collections Grid Report, securing the #1 spot.

Some of our G2 Spring 2024 wins:

The Tesorio Difference

At Tesorio, we're redefining Cash Flow Performance by providing finance teams with a new level of visibility that was once unattainable. We provide companies with a real-time, comprehensive view of cash inflows and outflows through a single portal. This unified approach ensures that every decision is backed by a complete understanding of every financial position. A Tesorio user stated in one G2 review:

“The solution provides the insights we need for forecasting short term cash flows with great confidence.”

This feedback underscores the transformative effect of the Cash Flow Performance platform, empowering finance teams with actionable insights so they can quickly and confidently make strategic decisions.

Nurturing Long-term Customer Relationships

As we continue to push the envelope with product innovation, we remain focused on providing solutions that not only maximize cash flow but also nurture long-term customer relationships. Tesorio supports companies in their journey towards financial excellence, playing a pivotal role in reducing churn and strengthening customer loyalty.

“Tesorio also gives us a higher level of consistency in our communication with our strategic customers, making them feel like they are our most important client, even though they are part of a behind-the-scenes automated campaign.”

Tesorio’s exceptional ability to seamlessly blend automation with personalized care ensures every customer enjoys a premium, white-glove experience.

Customer Love

Our customer stories are at the heart of our success. Check out what some of our customers love most about Tesorio:

“Headache Relief! Tesorio has been a breath of fresh air that our siloed teams desperately needed. I've used so many tools throughout my career and can genuinely recommend Tesorio.”

“The platform's insights across different time periods provide a comprehensive view, empowering us to make informed decisions and proactively address challenges quickly.”

“It is the first thing we open in our laptop after Gmail. In short, managing receivables would be really difficult without Tesorio."

Looking Ahead

We look forward to driving innovation in Cash Flow Performance and empowering finance teams with visibility, predictability, and control.

To our invaluable customers and the entire Tesorio team, a heartfelt thank you. Your continuous support powers our mission to help finance teams make cash flow more predictable. As we advance, our focus remains sharp: to address and solve the cash flow challenges faced by finance teams every day.

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