Tesorio Named NetSuite SuiteCloud New Partner of the Year for 2019

Carlos Vega
April 9, 2019

The whole Tesorio sales team headed down to Las Vegas this week for the SuiteWorld19 event. Tesorio is integrated with the NetSuite ERP and we have spent a lot of time making our product work really, really well for NetSuite users. And this past year we have spent a lot of time getting to know the NetSuite partner and alliances team. Working with them has been great. The event is one of the best ways for us to meet new potential customers and to reconnect with all our NetSuite friends in one place. But we were not expecting anything more than this. We learned right before we left we learned that Tesorio had been named the SuiteCloud 2019 New Partner of the Year! We were incredibly honored and excited to hear this. Getting the award was hands down one of the highlights of the past year and the culmination of a ton of hard work by our team at Tesorio.

The Beginning of A Beautiful Friendship

We view every relationship with customers or technology partners as a collaboration and a win-win situation. With NetSuite, we are looking forward to continued collaboration to help their customers better manage, predict and collect cash with Tesorio. For example, we are helping Currencycloud, a unicorn fintech company in London, with advanced automated dunning for their collection processes, building on the existing capability of NetSuite, and making NetSuite work even better for Currencycloud.

There are over 16,000 companies using NetSuite - some of the fastest growing, most innovative companies in software, manufacturing, retail and services. We believe that a good portion of them can benefit from improving their cash flow performance - collecting more cash, faster and with less pain, hedging foreign currency risk more effectively, and forecasting free cash flow more accurately.  We are already doing this good work with some amazing companies like Box, Veeva Systems, WP Engine, Instructure, and  and they are guiding our product roadmap and technology development like partners.

See How Tesorio Can Boost Your Cash Flow

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NetSuite is built on an ecosystem of technology partners like Tesorio that make their core ERP product even better. The company recognizes this and encourages its partners every step along the way. If the past year was amazing, then the coming year is going to be off the hook as we continue to grow our relationship with the NetSuite team. It's just the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Carlos Vega
April 9, 2019
Carlos Vega is the CEO of Tesorio.
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