The Women of Tesorio 2022

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Written by: Mary Reschar, Sr. Marketing Manager

International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. Today we celebrate the women of Tesorio.

The women of Tesorio are leaders, strategic thinkers, creatives, and so much more. I am incredibly grateful to be a part of Tesorio, being one of, and working with these powerful women every single day. Tesorio was founded with a passion to create value, challenge norms, and make a positive change in the world and the women of Tesorio are helping realize that vision every step of the way.

I’ll let some of the women here speak for themselves:

“Our mission and challenges as a growing company have given me incredible opportunities to do so many different things. I love this “wide lane” and how much we’ve been able to achieve by pooling our talents. And when I look back at what’s changed in the last year, it’s gratifying to see how many women have joined the company and how many are in leadership positions.”

  • Kristin Johnson, Principal Designer

“Gender inequality is an issue we can overcome with collective effort and awareness. I'm grateful that Tesorio prioritizes equality by taking action to drive change and facilitating open and honest discussions about the challenges that women face in the workplace.”

  • Erika Walker, Customer Success Manager

“My favorite part about working at Tesorio is our customers. We have the privilege of working with the world’s best finance teams and many are also led by women which I get particularly excited about. Over the last 10 years, I have seen more women in leadership in finance and accounting teams and a growing community of engaged female CFOs. I’m equally appreciative that our leadership team here at Tesorio and our board and investor representation has many female faces.”

  • Kelli Lampkin, Sr. Director of Sales

“I love working at Tesorio because I'm part of an organization that supports and empowers me, both as an employee and a woman, to have a voice and make a real impact in the work we do here.”

  • Sara Telfer, Principal Product Designer

“It is so inspiring to be surrounded by so many strong women in leadership that are transforming finance and tech. As a woman of Tesorio, I feel empowered to grow, encouraged to be creative, and supported in my work. And for that, I am incredibly grateful.”

  • Demi Hingeley, Marketing Associate

“The best part of my job has been seeing our customers thrive, both personally and professionally. Over the past couple of years, I've seen many talented women become leaders in finance organizations where they are breaking the glass ceiling and achieving great financial results!”

  • Darlene Ritter, Director of Customer Success

“Something I love about working at Tesorio is having strong female leadership with Mary, Stephanie, and Kelli leading the way in marketing, CS, and sales. The way Kelli has built a Cash is Queen community is incredible and it is so rewarding when the women I work with tell me how much they love our events. Girl power!”

  • Emily Kahn, Account Executive

The theme for International Women’s Day this year is #BreaktheBias and I am grateful that in my role at Tesorio, I cannot relate. Tesorio is free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. We are a diverse company in which every voice is heard on an equal playing field, we are a team that feels more like a family.

We’re striving to take our values to the women of our closest community, women in Finance. At Tesorio, we’ve started Cash is Queen–a community devoted to connecting and empowering women in finance of all levels. It is a place to network, start discussions, share learnings and best practices, enjoy high-value content, job postings, and be a community with resources to help women grow within their careers and in their workplace.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join, you can find the group here!