2020—A Look Inside Tesorio


2020, has been a year that we’ll probably all want to forget, but will always remember. A global pandemic, a fight for justice, devastating fires in Australia and the U.S. West Coast, murder hornets, and so much more. Along with all that we’ve all had to adapt to a new ‘normal’ in work consisting of tired parents balancing full-time jobs and being full-time teachers, roommates turned co-workers, glitchy zoom meetings, unpredictable WiFi, and a complete loss of human-to-human in-person interaction in business.

Still, the world has united and connected in an unimaginable way as we’ve all shared a common experience. Families are getting time together that they never thought they’d have, with kids getting rest, parents being home for dinner...and breakfast, and lunch—everyone learning things about one another and growing together. Facing adversity in different ways but as one human race has caused many of us to connect in new and important ways despite our physical separation. Businesses are learning to be more agile, adaptive, and empathetic than ever before.

At Tesorio, we are optimistic about a bright future for all of us, and over the past year we’ve done our best to connect in new ways with our community of customers and worked to keep company morale high by supporting each other. We’ve also built new products, and seen amazing growth (more than 3X in ARR) in a year of total uncertainty.

The Tesorio team has nearly doubled in employee headcount this year. We are so thankful for the growth of our Tesorio family with more than 20 new people joining us from around the world.

The most important thing to Tesorio is our people. Tesorio has created a team, at its core, of truly amazing and good people. Aside from talent, we look for people with large hearts who want to make the world a better place and it shows. On our Thanksgiving Happy Hour, much of our team was thankful for the company, and more specifically, each other. Keeping company spirits high in the trying times of 2020 has been no easy task, but by staying connected we’ve managed to do so and all of our success in 2020 is thanks to these amazing people.

It’s these employees that have built our newest products and brought them to market. As our Madrona Investor and Advisor, Hope Cochran, said in our webinar at the beginning of the pandemic,

“It’s a moment to make a change. A time to focus, and quickly adjust and spend properly. This is a great time to build products. Out of recessions and difficulties come creativity and great products.”

‍We launched two new products in 2020 and made incredible enhancements to our existing ones.

In 2020, Tesorio has also expanded our partner community including a first of its kind partnership with the second-largest bank in the U.S. (Bank of America), to bring its customers CashPro Forecasting IQ.

This is a thank you, a piece of encouragement for other small businesses, and a reminder of the importance of human connection.

This is just the beginning. Tesorio will continue to deliver value to all of its family—customers, customers’ customers, employees, investors, and partners alike. We are on a mission to connect people and data to make cash flow predictable so companies can change the world.