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Replace traditional forecasts with a dynamic, real-time workspace that connects finance teams with data, customers and vendors.

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Automated forecasting

Tesorio combines transaction-level data, predictive AI and human adjustments, so you’ll never waste time building direct method forecasts again. Easily view, create or adjust your forecasts to deliver critical cash insights—and make better business decisions, faster.

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Intuitive workspaces

Experience a robust, fully-automated, and connected platform for your entire business to collaborate and work in unison.

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Variance detection

Variations from cash flow can range from inconvenient to catastrophic. Tesorio automatically detects and alerts you to potential variance issues, so you can mitigate risks to your business—before they become problems.

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Real-time insights

With direct connections to underlying data sources, you’ll be able to sort between insightful views—like bottom-up, top-down, an aggregate direct view, by invoice and bill-level data and more—so you can see your cash flow like never before.

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Does your platform have this?

  • Easy implementation

    Onboarding is quick and painless—you can get up and running in just weeks.
  • 24/7 customer service

    Tesorio’s dedicated team of experts has all the answers, so issue resolution is a breeze.
  • Intuitive interfaces

    When it comes to usability, Tesorio is second to none.
  • Aggregated data

    Collect and normalize forecast inputs across all of your systems.
  • Long-term optimization

    Control your cash today to focus on longer-term objectives.
  • ERP & bank integrations

    Instantly connect to your financial systems of record.

Our customers say

  • “The most dangerous person in the business is the person that owns the direct method cash flow forecast because it's so critical for how capital is leveraged and how ROI is produced for shareholders.”

    Dan Fletcher, 2X Tesorio Customer, CFO of MarkLogic

    Photo of Dan Fletcher, 2X Tesorio Customer, CFO of MarkLogic
  • “Predicting cash flow with high accuracy helps companies deploy capital more effectively. Optimal cash flow performance also helps companies grow more quickly and more sustainably.”

    Jeff Epstein, Former CFO of Oracle

    Photo of Jeff Epstein, Former CFO of Oracle

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