G2 Affirms Tesorio's Dominance in Cash Flow Management, Credit & Collections and Accounts Receivable with Winter Report

Blog G2 Winter 2024

Tesorio is proud to announce it has been featured on G2’s Winter Report 20243 for its continuing commitment to improving the organization's accounts receivable (AR) processes. G2, a leading platform for software and service reviews, highlights companies that provide high-quality, invaluable products and services to customers. Tesorio was highlighted for its ease of implementation and usability, earning a total of 28 badges.

G2’s 2024 Winter Report

G2's Winter Report stands as a benchmark in the industry, offering an extensive evaluation of software and technology companies across various categories. G2 utilizes a number of criteria to ensure winners are fairly chosen. Some of the metrics include:

  • User satisfaction

  • Market presence

  • Popularity and adoption

  • Innovation and features

  • Support and customer service

  • Reliability and performance

Tesorio Recognized for Usability and Support

G2 recognized Tesorio as a leader in Accounts Receivable processes, Credit and Collections, and Cash Flow Management. Tesorio’s products and offerings in each of these categories far outshine those of its competitors, with customers praising its products ease of use, ease of set-up, and reliability.

Additionally, Tesorio is proud to be recognized over its competitors for the team’s commitment to providing strong customer service in the AR, Cash Flow Management, and Credit and Collections categories.

Tesorio's outstanding performance, reflected in earning 28 badges, is a testament to its feature-rich suite of solutions.

Tesorio’s Accounts Receivable software was named among the top leaders for Easiest to Use with G2 and customers, highlighting the user-friendly interface, in-depth data analysis, and Ease of Implementation. Many customers praise the platform for being “very easy to use,” “easy to understand,” and “simple.” For businesses with smaller teams or limited time, the Tesorio platform’s usability and familiarity have saved them invaluable time.

Tesorio’s credit and collections product was recognized for its usability, particularly by small and mid-market businesses. Said one customer: “Unlike other accounting applications, Tesorio is really user friendly and pretty much self-explanatory, which helps a lot with colleagues that are using this app for the very first time. It has various functions, which makes it competitive and reliable.”

Finally, the cash management platform’s automated features were recognized for streamlining processes and reducing the amount of time spent on manual tasks. It’s through Tesorio’s automation features and capabilities that Seismic was able to eliminate time-consuming manual processes and fully automate their financial processes. This ultimately resulted in Seismic being able to process more invoices and run campaigns in a shorter amount of time — a critical win for a company in full growth mode.

Tesorio’s Impact on the Market Now and in the Future

Beyond individual success, Tesorio's ranking in the G2 Winter Report holds implications for the broader industry. As a trendsetter and innovator in the AR and cash flow management space, Tesorio’s performance this year serves as an indicator of where it’s headed next. The team’s recent Inc. 5000 award also highlights its ongoing commitment to transforming cash flow performance.

To read more about what Tesorio customers are saying about the platform, check out the full list of G2 reviews. You can also visit the Tesorio website for more information about its product offerings and services and how the Tesorio team can help automate your financial processes.

For additional inquiries or further information, please contact a Tesorio representative.