A Year of Innovation: Tesorio’s 2023 Recap

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Tesorio closed out 2023 with a number of enhancements focused on driving cash flow performance & increasing the efficiency of your teams. Take a look at how our newest updates in Q4 build on the momentum from earlier in 2023 to help you maximize your cash flow in 2024.

To Accounts Receivable and beyond—bring in AP and Bank data to fully automate your Cash Flow Forecasting in Tesorio

Cash is the lifeblood of your business — how can you live without knowing how money is flowing in and out? Because inflows are the most unpredictable part of Cash Flow, from the very beginning we’ve focused on building tools to help you project and then hit your inflow targets by automating Accounts Receivable. In 2023, we made our first steps towards full-blown cash flow analysis and forecasting by incorporating transactional bank data and Accounts Payable data from your ERP into Tesorio.

Over the past few months, we’ve worked with beta customers to import and automatically categorize bank transactions, enabling immediate, rich historical data analysis, and build powerful forecasts using a multitude of forecast drivers to eliminate the time-consuming, manual processes that are traditionally required to build and manage your forecast scenarios. What’s more, we’ve extended our ERP-data forecasting capabilities to include Accounts Payable data as well. We bring these together in the Cash Flow Performance Center, your finance team’s control tower, giving you real-time views of current and forecasted cash as well as the levers and proactive insights to drive your cash inflows and outflows.

We couldn’t be more excited to launch these powerful forecasting tools more broadly in 2024. If you’d like to join the waitlist, sign up here

The Cash Flow Performance Center gives you a single view of your AR, AP, and bank cash.

Elevate your CashApp experience with even more ways to connect your bank data

Additional flexibility and configuration options have been added to the CSV and BAI file importers, ensuring that your transaction data is imported automatically and accurately, regardless of idiosyncrasies across bank formats. And, to ensure ease of implementation, new SFTP options have been added, including support for SSH Authentication to externally hosted SFTPs and an option to use a Tesorio-hosted SFTP when needed.

Take advantage of these new connection options to achieve 85% auto-match rates with all of your payment types across all of your banks. In 2023, we added CashApp support for Intacct — and more integrations are coming soon! Don’t just take our word for it — hear from your peers about the benefits of automating your cash application process.

If you’re interested in adding Cash Application to your account, please reach out to support@tesorio.com or your Customer Success Manager.

Offer your customers easy self-service options—but don’t break the bank!

Our online payment portal consistently gets high satisfaction ratings from your customers (88% give it 4 or 5 stars). We’ve continued to add enhancements, like customizable text links in email, that help get cash in the door faster via online transactions. And, speaking of transactions, Tesorio now offers surcharging to help manage transaction fees. We provide a flexible range of options for specifying when a surcharge is added and for how much, so you can hit just the right balance between vendor and customer. And, when you are researching particular payments, our deep integration with Stripe enables you to seamlessly navigate between Tesorio and Stripe to find all the answers you need.

If you’re interested in adding Financial Care Center to your account, please reach out to support@tesorio.com or your Customer Success Manager.

Our surcharging functionality provides a flexible range of options for setting surcharge amounts.

A new look to liven up the new year

You may notice some color and style changes in Tesorio, including a new color block behind our logo and an updated font/typeface. So many other exciting updates are happening with the application that we thought it was only right to add a fresh look and feel as well. And, when your eyes are feeling the strain of a long day, click on the Profile icon (upper right) and try out Dark Mode.

Enjoy new colors and fonts in Tesorio for 2024, and rest your eyes with Dark Mode.

A little AI assistance to streamline your day?

Workspaces are the backbone of your Tesorio experience, and AI-generated workspaces make creating and editing workspaces a breeze. Pair this with the AI email assistant, and you’re on your way to a lot more free time in 2024! Find this in the Invoice and Customers workspace dropdown: “Generate Workspace”.

Use Tesorio’s AI workspace generator to get the data you need using natural language.

Personalize and customize your communication at scale

To rise above the noise in your customers’ inboxes, your emails need to stand out and communicate information quickly and concisely. And you need to do this at scale. Tesorio customers sent more than 2 million emails in 2023, with the vast majority of those sent via Campaigns. In Q4, we’ve added font selection, additional alignment options, and the ability to customize the text of variable links to the rich text editor that we introduced earlier in 2023 so that you can craft perfect emails every time.

Use text and layout enhancements in our email editor to fully personalize your customer messages.

A few of our favorite communication enhancements from 2023 include drag-and-drop attachments, images embedded inline, and configurable statement templates. And emails are only as good as the contacts you are sending them to. That’s why we devoted a lot of time in the first half of the year to upgrade all customers to our enhanced contact tagging feature and rolled out additional contact verification and editing functionality.

Attachments can now be added to invoice, customer, and payment records in Tesorio.

Your data, your team, your way—it's never been easier to connect and interpret your AR data

You can’t do your work or understand its impact if you don’t have all of the data. In 2023, Tesorio added connections to numerous new data types so that, no matter how many systems your data is stored in, you can bring it all together in Tesorio through a combination of native API connections, automated imports, and ad-hoc bulk imports. But wrangling all of this data into required file formats and configuring import logic can still be a chore—that's why in Q4 we released default import templates with dynamic mapping for all AR data. Don’t delay a Tesorio implementation due to a lack of IT resources to define your data strategy—we've done the heavy lifting for you!

With Tesorio Connect anyone can upload their data into the application without a native integration.

Once your data is imported, put Tesorio to work for you. Upgraded campaign audience filter options now match invoice workspace filtering, so no matter how you like to slice and dice your invoices, you can now craft and preview campaigns in the same way.

And, last but not least, your day isn’t complete without an understanding of what’s happening with your collections process. New reporting capabilities in Q4 such as the deleted email report in campaigns, build on our 2023 theme of enhancing our monitoring and dashboarding capabilities. Our configurable dashboard was introduced early in the year, with powerful widgets for tracking team performance following in Q2 and Q3 with the Customer Allocation and Touch Activity trackers. Pair these insights into team activities with your Daily Collections Trend Analysis on the AR Forecast to get the full picture of where you stand with your collections.

Monitor outreach activity and stay accountable with the Touch Activity dashboard widget.

We Wish You a Happy and Productive 2024!

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