Tesorio AR Forecast Delivers Accurate, Real-time Predictability and Greater Confidence for AR Teams and Accounting Leadership

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Today’s economic climate is driving an increased focus on cash flow visibility and predictability. And, with trapped revenue losing value steadily, leadership demands fast, accurate insights on cash management performance to succeed.

Imprecise, time-consuming manual processes are no longer viable to provide actionable business intelligence on demand. To deliver accurate forecasts and hit collections targets, Tesorio Accounts Receivable Forecast is an intelligent, automated platform for predicting, tracking, strategizing and reporting on AR.

Improve Forecasting Capabilities and Increase Confidence

Leadership needs up-to-the-minute cash insights to make operating decisions, so offering an estimate based on yesterday’s report—or stopping collections to manually create a fresh report—won’t do.

AR Forecast generates a forecast view based on existing AR and gives instant insights into your actual cash position. Data refreshes automatically, so you always have the most current view. And, you can configure the forecast based on due date, promise-to-pay date, average days to collect, or use the Tesorio Prediction Date.

Says Sara Telfer, Product Lead at Tesorio, “With the Tesorio Prediction forecast, machine learning is heavily influenced by the customer’s past payment behavior and takes into account about 100 different data points that it's weighting instantly based on that behavior. We're finding that this is the most accurate way for all our customers to forecast.”

Enable Real-time Forecasting With Better Visibility for Management

AR can track and analyze with one click, providing customized insights and drilling down into any period to compare collected and remaining. See current and future invoices in one place, identify risks early and trust your forecast when reporting to leadership.

Angela Cummings, Product Manager on Tesorio AR Forecast, shares, “In a past life, I was an accounting manager—and Tesorio customer—doing cash forecasting and AR. It’s invaluable to have that number at your fingertips when leadership asks for the cash position, to be able to say this is where we are, this is where we'll land, and I feel very confident—or here are the risks associated with it.

”She continues, “It helps the team move faster with the decisions they need to make. And, honestly, I think about how good it would have made me look to my CFO, my controller or my finance team to have had this tool back then.”

Automate the Forecast Process to Improve Accuracy Fast

“Before AR Forecast, we’d download all these reports and actually create a Google doc based on the aging,” says Rebekah Adamson, Billing Operations Manager at Ping Identity. “It was very time consuming.”

“Now it's improved tremendously,” she continues. “It's at my fingertips, so I can just go into the module and see how much we’ve collected. You don't have to run reports on it—you just go in there and immediately see what's going on. It's pretty awesome.”

Says Phoebe Caldwell, Director of Product at Tesorio, “AR Forecast is an automatic forecasting process that will eliminate the Excel-based process you're following today. The AI-powered predictions will be the most accurate forecast you see, so it eliminates a lot of guesswork for your team.”

Enable Sharper Strategic Focus for Enhanced Team Collaboration

With Tesorio AR Forecast, your team can see their assigned collections, prioritize their work, understand expectations and track performance.

Phoebe Caldwell adds, “As a manager, seeing forecasts and collections in real time helps you set and track goals for your team and helps them prioritize their work. Building forecasts automatically also removes the tedious manual reporting that's diverting them from the actual collections effort, which enables your team to spend more time actually collecting, communicating with customers so you can deliver more value to those customers.”

Are you ready to experience accurate, real-time predictability and the power to unlock revenue fast? Request a Tesorio AR Forecast demo today.