How to Solve the Cash Flow Disconnect

Various studies report that nearly 9 out of 10 spreadsheets (88%) contain errors. A majority of these errors are from humans and can be avoided. Finance teams are battling spreadsheets, disjointed data from disconnected systems, and no real-time insights around cash flow. The cash flow disconnect is just this—rigid and slow legacy financial processes prone to human error.

Cash is Queen and knowing where you are on cash and how to collect more, faster, is critical. Join finance experts, Sarah McCauley, Director of Billing & AR @ GitLab and Kelly Hicks, Global Controller @ Airbase, to learn what you can do to solve the cash flow disconnect and set your finance team up for success.

During the session we discuss:

  • How to empower your teams to seek and adopt new technology to transform their role
  • The impact of Accounts Receivable (AR) Automation.
  • How to get that money!