Accounts Receivable Forecast

Intelligently forecast & track your collections.

Your daily workbench for predicting, tracking, strategizing and reporting on AR.

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The visibility and insights you need to drive your team.

Let us walk you though a few of our features.

AR Forecast saves you time and helps you run more effectively.

  • Automate forecasting.

    Get rid of the time-consuming Excel spreadsheets you use to forecast, track and analyze collections. See all your current and future invoices in one place. Use AI powered predictions to provide accurate and automatic insights.
  • Real-time cash tracking.

    Start your day with a real-time view of where your collections stand. Track the progress of your collections against your forecast target. Identify problems earlier. Gain confidence in your forecast, and identify and follow up on risks.
  • Direct your team better.

    Track your forecast and collections across your team. Help them focus and prioritize. Keep on top of your team's progress; no more waiting for them to report on their collections.
  • Enable your collectors.

    Your team can see their assigned collections, prioritize their work, understand what's expected of them and track their performance.
  • "I'm in and out of AR Forecast daily. I love being able to drive reporting from this, and not having to build these out manually for each week and agent. Tesorio empowers my team to get the information they need without the spreadsheets."

    Sarah McCauley, Director of Billing & Accounts Receivable, Gitlab

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