What’s new in Tesorio since SuiteWorld 2022!

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We get it—there's so much functionality available in Tesorio’s Cash Flow Performance Platform that it’s hard to keep track of what’s new! Here’s a quick breakdown by product area of some of our biggest product announcements since SuiteWorld 2022.

Faster, more robust syncing with NetSuite’s newest SuiteQL technology.

On average, Tesorio’s syncs are completed in X minutes or less. Additionally, this year we’ve increased the number of automated syncs, allowing up to six daily automated syncs, ensuring that data in NetSuite and Tesorio is always aligned and up-to-date.

Cash Flow Forecasting and Management

Imagine all of your bank data feeding into one place, powering your cash positioning and forecasting for faster insights. 

  • AR and AP Forecasts allow you to track cash goals and predict inflows and outflows in real time.

  • Build comprehensive 13-week cash flow forecasts with a combination of AR and AP data from NetSuite and transactional bank data. Drill down into bank transactions, invoices, and bills, enabling your team to orchestrate workflows and take corrective actions to hit cash flow targets with higher confidence.

  • Compare Forecast vs. Historical Collections of AR Aging to understand how current performance stacks up against historical trends, and during the period, monitor whether you’re ahead, on track, or behind historical daily collections.

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Our single pane of glass view of Cash Flow is built from a powerful combination of NetSuite and bank data to unite cash flow actuals, forecasts, and goals. From this 50 thousand-foot view, Finance Executives can then dive deep into AR and AP aging, personalized watchlists, and Tesorio-generated opportunities to ensure they hit cash targets and can adapt where needed.

    Cash Application

    Stop wasting time reconciling payments.

    • Achieve >80% auto-matching on customer payments, drastically reducing the time your team spends on Cash Application daily. Upgraded customer and invoice matching rules, the introduction of customer aliases, and automatic payment method mapping turns Cash Application from a tedious manual process into a review and approval process.

    • New Lockbox File, CAMT53, and CSV file support, in addition to existing BAI2 support, ensures that your bank transactions can be imported, no matter what format your bank provides.

    • Comprehensive Reporting gives your team the confidence to adopt automated cash application and track efficiency improvements over time.

    Financial Care Center

    What if you could make it easier for your customers to pay you and minimize your fees?

    • Enable AutoPay to ensure that customers always pay on time.

    • Share Payment Processing Fees with your customers to offset the costs of processing credit card payments.

    AR Automation

    Collect cash faster, more efficiently, and with less risk.

    • Understand Customer Behavior by Score Category with Tesorio’s Customer Collection Score. The Customer Collection Score categorizes customers into 5 groups based on past payment history, allowing your collections team to benchmark your customer's payment performance as well as understand your overall collections health.

    • Contact Management is now even easier with Tesorio source tags. In Tesorio, see exactly which fields in NetSuite a contact was created from, and further segment your communication by using the contact roles you’ve already set up in NetSuite.

    • Draft Emails with Generative AI to save time drafting responses to customer emails.

    • Upgraded Email Editor allows you to format emails exactly how you want without requiring any knowledge of HTML.

    • Customized Statements allow you to finely tailor the data and layout of statements you send to customers, ensuring that the most important information is available to them. Create multiple statement templates to better align with your different customer segments.

    • Bulk Imports via CSV are now available for common tasks such as adding tags and updating assignees, allowing you to streamline manual tasks and easily transfer data from external systems into Tesorio.

    • Monitor Team Activity and Manage Workloads with configurable dashboards, providing visibility into portfolio balance and the actions that are being taken (or not) by Collector. Real-time views into collector activity give you the ability to uncover and react to challenges before your team misses the collections goal.

    • @ Mentions allow you to easily surface updates and questions to your coworkers, all without leaving Tesorio.

    • Build Workspaces with Generative AI to save time searching and filtering your invoices and customers.

    Don't miss the chance to explore these innovations at our booth #236 at SuiteWorld or sign up to get on the waitlist for our exclusive webinar with Ron Gill, former CFO of NetSuite. 

    Discover how Tesorio can empower you to take control of your cash flow!