Unveiling Tesorio's 2023 Wrapped: Our Customers' Year in Numbers

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This year, you really had cash flow on your mind.

As we bid adieu to 2023, we’re thrilled to unveil our customers’ incredible journey over the year, told in numbers. Witnessing our customers wield Tesorio's capabilities so effectively adds an extra layer of excitement to this year's story. As our CEO, Carlos Vega, reflects, "We’re constantly learning from our customers as they show us new ways to collaborate efficiently to make cash flow predictable!" This echoes our mission—nothing is more rewarding than witnessing our customers take control of their cash flow. Join us in celebrating these remarkable achievements and insightful milestones that defined an exceptional year.

Cash was flowing!

In 2023, cash flow was at the heart of your operations.

You all collected an outstanding $55.6 Billion in payments.

And handled $60.8 Billion in invoices.

Cash was flowing, and your commitment to financial excellence was evident.

Your inbox? Masterfully managed.

While you may have taken the time to manually craft 366,822 emails

You saved 186,811 hours (that’s 7,784 days!) to focus on more strategic initiatives by automating 2,261,728 emails.

You were email powerhouses, sending and receiving a total of 4,154,699 emails like it was a breeze!

You were quite the diligent notetaker…

The top pages were:

  1. Invoice

  2. Customers

  3. Customer Detail

So your top 3 pages may be a little obvious, but what were you doing while you were there?

You were quite the diligent notetaker, jotting down a whopping 1,331,521 invoice notes and 743,349 customer notes.

Your dedication to meticulous record-keeping is truly unmatched.

You were also collaboration champs, always keeping your team in sync!

With a sprinkle of @mentions, you weren’t just connecting externally; you shattered silos and fostered seamless internal collaboration.

You left 15,239 @mentions in invoice notes and customer notes.

Great work on going the extra mile to keep everyone on the same page!

Your peak cash flow day: Tuesday

You love to spend your Tuesdays with Tesorio, especially at 11 a.m. ET. Kudos to you for getting a jump on your collections early in the week!

And that’s a wrap!

As we wrap up the insights from our 2023 Wrapped, we're thrilled and motivated for what 2024 holds for Tesorio and our community. Cheers to continued success and a year filled with even smoother cash flow!

*Data as of 11/30/23