What's New in Tesorio in Q3 2023

Q3 Update

The Tesorio team had an exciting Q3. We’re thrilled to announce our newest Cash Flow Performance functionality, consisting of Cash Management, AR and AP Forecasting, and a single-pane view of inflows and outflows with integrated, actionable insights. And, if that’s not enough, we’ve delivered enhancements in AR Automation, Financial Care Center, and Cash Application with a strong focus on streamlining and speeding up the collections process. Here are some quick highlights that were released this quarter.

Automate Cash Flow Forecasting & Cash Positioning with Tesorio’s New Cash Management Module

Cash Management

Boost efficiency and accuracy through automation of transaction categorization

Reduce the risk of human errors and increase the accuracy of your cash flow forecast by syncing all bank transactions into Tesorio and creating automated rules to assign each transaction to the applicable forecast category.

Gain valuable insights through deeper analysis of historical data and application of multiple forecast driver options

Go beyond high-level cash flow history to understand the specific categories and trends of where cash has historically been spent.Choose from many different forecast driver options for the one that best fits the needs of each specific forecast category, including pulling from the Tesorio AR Forecast module and newly released AP Forecast module.

Understand Cash Positioning Across All Bank Accounts

Eliminate the need to login to multiple online banking platforms. Get a holistic view of cash balances across all your accounts and proactively make decisions to maintain healthy liquidity.

AP Forecasting: Orchestrate Payments to Nail Cash Flow Targets

AP Forecast

Now that you have a handle on AR, prioritize your critical and non-critical vendors, and get clarity into upcoming bill payments. Modulate your AP payment timing to real-time behavior you’re seeing in Collections, to ensure you hit your Cash Flow targets.

Bring it all together with Tesorio's Cash Flow Performance Center (In BETA - Launching Soon!)  

Join the waitlist for Tesorio's Cash Flow Performance Center - your finance team’s control tower. With real-time views of current & forecasted cash connected to levers & proactive insights to govern speed of cash inflows and outflows, the Cash Flow Performance Center gives finance leaders a single-pane of glass view into their entire organization.The beta program is starting soon. Provide your details here, and the Tesorio product team will reach out with more details.

Streamline Payments with Financial Care Center & Cash Application

The Collections cycle doesn’t stop with reminders. You’ve done the hard work of automating AR outreach - now make sure to close the loop! Streamline payment acceptance, empower customers with self-service convenience of all of their account information, and ensure your payments are applied quickly and accurately with enhancements to our Financial Care Center and Cash Application products.

The Tesorio Financial Care Center is now available to Workday Customers

Workday customers can now collect cash faster and deliver a great end-to-end billing experience for their customers.

Workday Partner Badge

On-Demand Customized Statements in Financial Care Center

Eliminate the need to generate statements and attach them to emails each time you receive a request from a customer. Augment your automated statement campaigns with on-demand statement templates in the Financial Care Center. Configure your statement settings, then make templates available in the Financial Care Center for customers to access at any time.

Seamlessly navigate between Tesorio and Stripe

Researching a customer payment received in Financial Care Center? With the new Stripe ID link on all payments received via the Financial Care Center, quickly dive into Stripe any time you need more information on the payments you’ve received.

Stripe Link

Eliminate Manual Cash Application with auto-match rates above 80%

Tired of investigating payments that have minimal, confusing remittance information? With recent significant enhancements to our Cash Application matching algorithms, customers see upwards of 80% of payments automatically applied to customers and invoices. With Cash Application auto-matching, reduce time spent daily on processing customer payments.

Import your bank transactions with ease

Using your bank’s lockbox functionality? Import your BAI Lockbox feed into Tesorio for fast matching of individual transactions. Go straight to the source, and eliminate time spent unraveling the lump sum lockbox deposits.

If you don’t have easy access to a BAI2 or CAMT53 file, download a CSV file from your bank and work with your CSM to configure the import.

With this quarter’s enhancements, Tesorio now supports the following file formats:

  • BAI2

  • CAMT53

  • Lockbox

  • CSV

Everything you need - without ever leaving Tesorio

Attachments in all workspaces

When additional remittance information or detailed documents are needed to help define or clase an invoice they can now be attached in the Invoice or any other workspace. Initially added in the Payments workspace to attach documents, you can now do this as a tab within the drawer for all workspaces. Giving you to add supporting documentation across the application.


Save Draft Emails and Notes

Working on sending emails and updating customers can often get interrupted by day to day distractions. Previously if closing out of an email or the Tesorio application your draft emails and notes would not have been saved and the process would have to start from scratch. Now when creating a note or an email, the system will save your work if you close the drawer before you save the note or send the email. It will be available the next time you reopen.

Downloading Notes

Save time and make your downloads more targeted by choosing between methods. When downloading workspaces, you can choose to just download the latest notes, or download all. Giving the ability to just get the information you need.

Understand Collector Activity Automatically

Touch Activity

Get a sense of what activity is happening, and which objects are being taken care of.

This latest widget for Team Management insight provides visibility into the activity occurring on open invoices. Define what a “touch” means in the settings panel, whether that is adding a note, tag, task, promise-to-pay date, company predicted pay date, or a sent email either through a campaign or manually. Track the touch activity across all open invoice and the aging of untouched invoices. Are you building and maintaining productivity and progress trackers outside of Tesorio? This latest widget for Team Management gives you an automatic overview of of the activity that is happening across your team and portfolio, ensuring that you’re meeting internal SLAs and milestones on all Collections activities. Define what a “touch” means in the settings panel - whether that is adding a note, tag, task, promise-to-pay date, company predicted pay date, or a sending an email either through a campaign or manually. Track the touch activity across all open invoices, and monitor the aging of untouched invoices to identify potential problem areas. Pair this with the Collector Allocation widget to understand if your team is under or over-allocated.

Choose your Invoice PDF Source of Truth

Customers with NetSuite + Salesforce Billing integrations can now choose the source of truth for invoice pdfs. Select either NetSuite or Salesforce Billing as the preferred invoice pdf version to be used in Tesorio and in communications with your customers.