The Women of Tesorio

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Mary Reschar
March 8, 2021

International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. Today we’re celebrating by highlighting the voices of the women of Tesorio.

Tesorio benefits greatly by having women in key leadership roles across sales, customer success, product design, and the board of directors. In interviewing each of the women on the team, I was inspired by and grateful for all the ways they make Tesorio an amazing company. Tesorio was founded with a passion to create value, challenge norms, and make a positive change in the world and the women of Tesorio are helping us realize that vision every day.

Tesorio is a place of balance and learning.

Work-life balance has been an increasingly hot topic starting in early 2020. Parents are having to work full time in their own role and as teachers to their now remote-schooled children.

Tesorio not only allows me to be a mom, but embraces it.

- Katie Thompson, Customer Success Manager

Katie takes care of our beloved customers, is a rockstar mom to her daughter, but is also challenging herself and learning more in her role each day. Tesorio encourages a balanced lifestyle, maximizing time with family and working hard go hand-in-hand.

The women of Tesorio are strong, unique, and challenging the norm. Every woman on the team feels as though they are learning something new every step of the way.

It’s refreshing to have someone like Carlos who always takes everyone seriously, listens to what we each have to bring to the table, and gives us the space to grow and be heard.

- Sr. Product Designer, Sara Telfer.

Tesorio is a place for community.

Tesorio has grown 3X in the last year, and keeping a tight community as we scale can be difficult. In one way or another during my chats with the women of Tesorio, each of them said a version of:

I haven’t met anyone at Tesorio that I haven’t enjoyed working with.

- Kristin Johnson, Principal Designer

This kind of sentiment is powerful in a fast-paced, rapid growth company, and it highlights one of our core values:

Most Respectful Interpretation: Assume the best of others, considering only the best, kindest, most helpful interpretation of every communication and respond solely to that version.

Darlene Ritter, Director of Customer Success, called out that, “everyone here is funny, nice, compassionate, and friendly. I’m genuinely interested in my co-workers lives outside of Tesorio.”

We are fortunate to have so many thoughtful and powerful women on the Tesorio journey. Sales Director, Kelli Lampkin shared that in her interview process it meant a lot to her to have a woman not only leading our sales organization, but another leading our board of directors, “it’s truly inspiring to be a part of.” Kelli has spent her career working to elevate the voices of women in the workplace through her efforts at NetSuite with the Women in Finance network.

Tesorio embraces equality.

I work on a team of all men, far more experienced than I, but who have always treated me as an equal. To take that a step further, the reason I love my job is the people, this team, and every employee at Tesorio.

In an industry that still lacks a strong female presence (the largest tech companies on the planet only have a workforce of about 34.4% women), the women of Tesorio are heard and are equal. They are inspirational role models for the next generation. Tesorio is full of the hardest workers, best talent, and a community that is striving for the same goals. Our product solves a big problem and can change the way businesses work and the lives of many.

The product itself hit home, Tesorio is solving a pain point that I faced as an operator. I’ve loved getting to know the team—their true depth of knowledge and them as people.

- Hope Cochran, Former CFO of King & Managing Director, Madrona Ventures.

There are biases, learned behaviors, things that are different but shouldn’t be in the world around us. We are all evolving in our journey towards equality, including at Tesorio, but here, we the women, feel empowered. This is a celebration of the women, but also a thank you to every person on the Tesorio team for working in collaboration as one. At Tesorio, every voice is part of the decision and every opinion is important.

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