Tesorio For All!

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It’s a big day for all of us at Tesorio as we announce the launch of Tesorio Connect which enables any company to use our software, regardless of scale, ERP, or financial data sources!

When we first released our AR automation software we were laser-focused on integrating seamlessly via API with NetSuite and we quickly earned the 2019 Oracle NetSuite SuiteCloud New Partner of the Year award. At the time, we decided to stay focused on that one integration because it opened a large audience for us and we wanted to make sure the integration was fast, easy, and effective for our customers. From there we gradually added other API integrations with Sage Intacct, Workday Financial Management, and Zuora. As we added integrations we stayed focused on optimizing implementation times and experiences. That hard work and focus resulted in Tesorio being ranked as the leader in the AR automation category on G2 for easiest setup, easiest to use, best support, and users most likely to recommend.

We continue that same focus on customer experience and time-to-value as we announce that we can now integrate with any ERP system or financial data source.

This announcement combined with our recent release of Tesorio AR Essentials means that any company, whether they have a finance team of one or one hundred, can start collecting payment more effectively while delighting customers within days of choosing Tesorio.

That last sentence may seem confusing or downright weird to some. After all, what exactly does it mean to delight customers while collecting payment from them? It simply means that just like all interactions any company has with their customers, collecting payment can and should be optimized for experience. Given the important and sensitive nature of this type of collection/payment interaction, it’s amazing to me how few companies consider it in their customer experience plans. Frankly, it’s a blind spot that every company needs to address.

We help by giving finance teams the ability to easily collaborate with their peers in sales and customer success, view and act on key accounts receivable data, build and send customized and timely collections communications, and free up time for relationship-building and personal interactions with customers.

The result is strong cash flow performance and happier customers, and starting today, it’s available to all companies!

Join us on an upcoming demo webinar, or request a custom demo to see us in action.