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Stop dunning.
Collect Better.
Delight customers.

We automated and simplified best practices from top collections teams so that you can set up instant AR workflows that your customers will thank you for.

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Automate collections with a personalized experience.

Marketing, sales, and customer success have the tools they need to effectively target and customize every message they send. Tesorio AR Essentials opens the door for finance to begin contributing to customer experience.

AR 1 ar data aggregation

Email from your own company domain

Send notes from your email domain that are different for each customer type. You can customize pre-set email templates and use your own criteria to choose who gets what messages.

AR 2 automated dunning

Personalized communications at scale

Make sure you are asking for cash from the right customers at the right time by using rules based on customer attributes. Add or exclude recipients based on tags or automated triggers.

AR 3 invoice prediction

Intuitive escalation workflows

Collaborate with your peers on other teams to influence the right customer contacts. At each step, you can automatically loop in your customer's sales rep, account manager or management.

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Does your platform have this?

  • Easy implementation

    Onboarding is quick and painless—you can get up and running in just weeks.
  • Award-winning customer service

    Tesorio’s dedicated team of experts has all the answers, so issue resolution is a breeze.
  • Intuitive interfaces

    When it comes to usability, Tesorio is second to none.
  • ERP & bank integrations

    Instantly connect to your financial systems of record.

Our customers say

  • “I refer to Tesorio as our robot army—it doesn’t quit, it doesn’t call in sick, and all of a sudden we’re getting payments faster than we ever have before.”

    Chris Cahill, former EVP Finance

    Photo of Chris Cahill, former EVP Finance
  • “At Slack we've needed only two people in collections as we scaled to thousands of customers because we use Tesorio.”

    Steven Odell, Credit & Collections Leader at Slack

    Photo of Steven Odell, Credit & Collections Leader at Slack

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