The Right Tool for Your AR Team: Tesorio or Zendesk?

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Using the right tool for the job builds a path to success. So when customers look to leverage Tesorio and inquire about integrating with Zendesk or managing tickets, we provide clarity on best practices.

Tesorio and Zendesk help you manage workflows and create efficiencies. Both enable you to sync your teams and connect with your clients at scale. They provide such powerful, adaptable solutions that some customers are surprised to learn that Tesorio does not integrate with Zendesk. And, it shouldn’t. Here’s why.

Specializations of Tesorio and Zendesk

Tesorio is a leading automated AR platform that helps you predict, manage, and collect cash. It integrates with your ERP and CRM tools to unify your billing and collections processes.

Tesorio is used by companies to answer their customers’ questions about billing and invoice issues. Perhaps a client sees that sales tax did not calculate properly, or they don’t understand a fee. Your finance team will field these inquiries.

Alternatively, Zendesk is a support and ticketing platform typically used by your customer success team to respond to product end-user concerns such as:

  • I can’t log into my account.
  • There’s something wrong with the product I’m purchasing.
  • I need training or support to help me use this product.

The CS team may also provide some level of tech support for bugs or other issues. But, Zendesk is not the proper place for billing inquiries. Likewise, the collections team should not be reviewing tickets for support issues. These are two different kinds of tickets that are answered by two different types of teams.

Streamline Team Functions

Optimize accounts receivable and customer success team performance by first considering how you use Zendesk. One mistake that’s often made is supporting just one help email, such as, routing all customer requests through that, and trying to reconcile every ticket through Zendesk. This will lead to inefficiencies and misuse of your teams and their talents.

Your AR team will be more effective at improving cash flow if it’s not addressing bugs or other support issues. The solution is to create a secondary email address for billing and collections issues, such as, that routes into Tesorio and not into Zendesk. Tesorio enables you to segment billing-specific inquiries into the tool where your collections specialists already live.

When your AR team is free to focus on billing and collections questions, it can leverage Tesorio to connect directly with clients, identify their issues, and achieve resolution. Many concerns can be addressed by clients themselves when they’re aware of Tesorio’s self-serve convenience. And, if other teams need to be called in to help, Tesorio makes it easy to collaborate using notes in a smart, flexible workspace.

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