Tesorio Makes IA40 List as the #2 Early-Stage Intelligent Application

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In 2021, Tesorio made the inaugural Intelligent Applications Top 40 list (IA40) — a research project sponsored by Madrona Venture Group and Goldman Sachs — and Tesorio was voted as one of the top intelligent applications, which the judges believed “will define the future of software and the next generation of computing.”

Out of a pool of over 250 nominees curated by the sponsors and endorsed by leading venture capital firms, Tesorio secured the second position in the Early-Stage category on the IA40 list.

The IA40 seeks to identify the top intelligent applications that use AI and machine learning to solve critical business problems and deliver more insightful information, both of which enable organizations to make smarter decisions in less time than ever before. To be recognized on this list of products validates the efforts everyone at Tesorio has exerted over the last few years to create more extensive and real-time visibility and connectivity related to company cash flow.

Tesorio Rings the NYSE Bell

Fast forward to today in 2024, and the celebration continues. Tesorio had the honor of participating in the bell-ringing ceremony at the New York Stock Exchange this month. This momentous occasion, reserved for all IA40 winners, continues to be a testament to Tesorio's groundbreaking approach to infusing artificial intelligence into the heartbeat of finance—cash flow.

Carlos Vega, our CEO & Co-founder, and Fabio Fleitas, CTO & Co-founder, at the IA40's Bell Ringing Ceremony.

In a landscape where CFOs are moving from growth at all costs to controlled spending, they need solutions to support smarter decision-making. Tesorio is helping to redefine the rules of Cash Flow Performance. With Tesorio, finance leaders can understand why it flows, predict what’s coming, decide how to maintain or grow cash flow, and take action. Creating enterprise value means repeating this cycle to increase net future cash flows.

Decoding Cash Flow with AI

At the core of Tesorio's IA40 win is our commitment to maximizing the power of AI, empowering the most sophisticated finance teams to elevate and refine their financial strategies. It's not just about hitting targets at the end of the month, quarter, and year. It's about being able to see cash flow in real time and accurately predict where you will be at any point in the future.

Tesorio's Unique Blend of Excellence and AI Innovation

What sets Tesorio apart is our relentless pursuit of excellence in Cash Flow Performance. Our AI algorithms don't just crunch numbers; they craft predictive narratives for cash flow patterns, empowering finance professionals to make informed decisions today and navigate a resilient path for the future. The IA40 win affirms Tesorio's role as a leading cash flow solution, transforming AI from a buzzword into a strategic necessity in the world of cash.

A Note of Appreciation

We’d like to thank the IA40 sponsors, Madrona and Goldman Sachs, for creating this list and focusing attention on the importance of using AI and machine learning to power business functions, connect people, and unlock the data that is key to smarter decision-making. Our ranking on this list wouldn’t have been possible without the tireless efforts of our employees, the close cooperation with our partners, and the valuable feedback and support of our customers. For that, we are truly grateful.

The Future of Finance Starts Now

In the future, knowing, understanding, and predicting cash flow will be automated, with real-time action possible from insights. Cash flow will be universally understood by the entire C-Suite, and hitting the cash flow target that maximizes enterprise value won’t come down to the last week of the quarter. Rather, it will be a commonly used health metric for all organizations. If done right, there won’t be AP and AR; there will just be net cash flow.

Speak to a cash flow expert to learn how you can start leveraging Tesorio, where the integration of AI and cash flow is a must-have for the most forward-thinking finance teams.