The CFO's Secret Weapon: How to Build Your Business Systems Team

In 2021, people are the key enablers, and critical skill sets in Finance have evolved to include robotics, communications, process management, and more. The 2025 Finance Report from Deloitte predicts Finance organizations in 2025 will still need traditional finance and accounting skills. But they will also need workers with capabilities drawn from such areas as operations, technology, and engineering. All of that combined brings us the secret weapon of the CFO - business systems teams.

Over the next 10 years, it's not going to be about implementing hundred of tech tools, it will be about rethinking how the finance organization uses technology in order to automate outcomes, not just slap tech on old processes.

During the session we discuss:

  • Key signals to look out for to know it's time for a business systems team
  • How to build your business systems team
  • The impact and ROI of a business systems team on your entire organization
  • Going from workflow automation to outcome automation
  • And much more