Q2 Highlights: Accounts Receivable Innovations

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The Tesorio team has been busy this quarter innovating in Accounts Receivable Automation. Here are some quick highlights that were released this quarter.

Forecast & track your collections with more accuracy, less effort and higher confidence with Tesorio's newest product: AR Forecast.

  • Automate your forecasting process and save yourself from the traditional tedious manual exercise.
  • Use AI powered predictions to provide accurate and automatic insights, then augment with customer feedback.
  • Track cash real time and help prioritize follow up activities for your team.
  • Set goals for subsidiaries, individual collectors, and more. Measure your collections against your forecast and goals to help your team focus and prioritize.

Communicate with your customers in the way that makes the most sense for them regardless of how customer and invoice data is structured in your ERP.

  • Advanced grouping in Campaigns and Email Manager allow you to create emails across customers using shared criteria like ‘Bill To’, ‘Partners’, or other custom fields on your invoices.

  • Generate and attach statements that consolidate invoice data across customer records, so that you can send a single statement.

Work more efficiently in workspaces with new:
  • Combined aging & invoice balance filters that allow for granular targeting and analysis.
  • Multi-level sorting and search within columns & filters.

  • Bulk actions across all workspaces - additional action options, as well as ability to apply updates to all records that match the search in addition to the manually selected records.
  • Visibility into Customers and Invoices in Action Center

Early Access - Cash Application: Quickly apply cash directly in Tesorio. Reach out to your CSM if you’re interested in learning more and participating in our early access program for Cash Application.

*Note: Cash Application is currently only available for NetSuite customers