Live Webinar + Q&A

Bridging the Gap Between Functions

Collaborating for Successful Collections

Tuesday, April 25th @ 10AM PT

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Live Webinar + Q&A

Is your A/R function stuck in no-man's land?

Join our upcoming webinar and discover the strategies to make collections a team effort across departments.

Carlos Vega, CEO and co-founder of Tesorio, will lead a panel of experts in accounts receivable, finance, and sales through a discussion on how to bridge the gap between these roles and get tips on how to stop an A/R function from being siloed. You’ll gain valuable insights into the relationship between CFOs, CROs, and AR Managers and how they can work together cohesively to achieve successful collections.

Key takeaways:

  • The challenges faced by each function and the importance of a cohesive team when it comes to collections
  • The root cause of the disconnect and how it affects your A/R
  • Strategies for overcoming the disconnect and moving forward
  • The role of technology in improving collaboration and communication between A/R, sales, CS, and other departments.
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