Transform your Treasury Operations with Tesorio

Tesorio empowers treasury teams to drive capital efficiency and optimize cash flow like never before. Get a comprehensive view of your cash and real-time insights on how and when to act.

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Instantly generate cash flow forecasts

Transaction-level direct method forecasts combined with predictive AI and “human-in-the-loop” adjustments means unprecedented precision in your forecasts. View, create or adjust forecasts to deliver critical cash insights so you can make business decisions faster.

Treasury 1 direct cash forecast

Test for variance in cash flow models.

Build, save, and compare multiple cash flow models for any number of contingencies. Tesorio automatically detects and alerts you to potential variance issues, so you can mitigate risks to your business—before they become problems.

Treasury 2 test variance

Seamlessly integrate with your current systems.

Out-of-the box integrations to your existing systems, like your ERP, removes the tedious and time-consuming import and export processes of building cash flow forecasts. Real-time connections ensure that your direct method forecasts are built on accurate data.

Treasury 3 integrations

Take Your Finance Team to the Next Level