YayPay vs Tesorio

Looking for YayPay? Here's a better solution that will get you results - and FAST. Tesorio's cash flow performance platform offers a seamless implementation process and a 100% dedicated local customer support team which enables businesses to get up and running within just a few days! Are you ready to see what Tesorio all is about?

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Why Finance Teams Choose Tesorio vs YayPay

  • Quick and Easy Implementation

    Tesorio's intelligent but easy to use interface allows finance teams to get up and running within a few days - and without the reliance on others.
  • 3x Increase in Productivity

    Tesorio understands the needs of quickly growing companies and mid-market leaders. On average finance teams see a 3x+ lift on productivity in less than 60 days!
  • Advanced Integrations

    Beyond the performance advantages for day-to-day invoice management, Tesorio's seamless integration into vendor and payment data from any financial system allows invoice matching from POs to goods or services received. YayPay's functionality is siloed due to previous software solutions cobbled together.
  • 93.8% Customer Satisfaction Score

    Our customers love our product and support. Tesorio's dedicated support reps are local and fully committed to our customers success.

Trusted by the World's Greatest B2B Finance Teams

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Get the Visibility and Automation You Need to Turn Your Revenue into Cash Now

Need results before your next board meeting? No problem. Choose Tesorio to automate your AR & collection processes and instantly unlock cash from your balance sheet.

Tesorio Time To Value

How Tesorio Works

Tesorio's Accounts Receivable Platform empowers finance, sales, and customer success teams to collect cash faster by automating key processes and providing valuable insights on when to collect and communicate with customers. Watch this brief demonstration to discover the power of Tesorio.

Our Customers Love Us

Our customers love our product and the help and support they get along the way.

Administrator in Computer Science
★★★★★ November 2
“Tesorio makes it easy”

The ease of implementation with NetSuite makes this a stellar product. The ease of use for my team and the options that it has to export the data. Go to review

Administrator in Computer Science
★★★★★ October 15
“An amazing tool to save time and resources for your scaling company and growing AR.”

Our team customized various Dunning to replace manual invoice notifications and it saves at least 10-20% of a headcount. Although it is nearly impossible to predict customer payment behavior, we us the Cash Flow Performance Platform to help narrow the gap between actual and forecasted collection and spend. Tesorio also serves as a data base for all email communications, maintain all historical data so no prior knowledge is lot due to staff turnover.

The customer support team at Tesorio was amazing! They are there to answer your questions and willing to spend time demo for new team members and periodically reachout for health checks. Go to review

Director of Credit and Collections
★★★★★ August 16
“Tesorio. Great AR Collection Platform”

Tesorio is an easy-to-use AR collections platform that will enable your collection team to conduct their activities efficiently and a click away. Some of the functions we like the most include but are not limited to tagging at invoice and account level, setting up P2P reminders, and flexibility to customize workspaces. Additionally, Tesorio has an easy-to-use campaign development tool and a support team that will enable you to create a collection automation campaign that will help you save time and relocate resources. Go to review