How Great CFOs Empower Leading AR Teams

Efficient cash collections have become more critical than ever and a strategic and tactical relationship supported by frequent communication between the CFO and Accounting organization is necessary to drive the greatest results.

MarkLogic's CFO and repeat Tesorio customer, Dan Fletcher, and his former Planful team, Brian Go, and Molly Yu will share actionable insights for CFOs & Accounting teams for working in unison to emphasize working capital.

In this 60-minute Webinar and Q&A, Dan Fletcher, 2x Tesorio customer and CFO MarkLogic alongside finance experts, Molly Yu and Brian Go from Planful, will provide actionable insights and advice on:

  • How does the accounting team become the secret weapon of the business?
  • What role should the CFO play in accounting processes?
  • How to best report to the CFO efficiently and effectively?
  • What should the CFO / Accounting team relationship look like?
  • What new processes and strategies can you implement in 2021 to exceed cash expectations?