Beyond the Product—How to Align Your Entire Organization Around Product-Led Growth

Pivoting to product-led growth requires commitment and buy-in, not only from leadership and the product team, but from every level of your organization.

But how do you align your sales and marketing teams to this broader vision? And how does the role of customer success change in a product-led organization?

In this webinar, hear from experts who have done it all before, including Todd Olson (CEO of Pendo), Rico Mallozzi (Senior Director of GTM Operations at Sapphire Ventures), and Janelle Teng (Investor at Bessemer Venture Partners).

Learn about:

  • The role of sales and marketing teams in PLG organizations

  • How to identify the best usage-based metric to base pricing on

  • How to introduce free products/pricing tiers

  • How to talk customers through the change and help them budget