OpenView's Financial & Operating Benchmarks Report

Objective data is critical to making the right strategic decisions that can propel your long-term growth. But how do you apply this data to your decision-making?

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OpenView recently released their 5th annual edition of, ‘Finance & Operating Benchmarks Report' for 2021.’ The data reveals surprising insights about the cash flow dynamics in SaaS companies, what investors are rewarding in company performance, the prevalence of product-led growth, how to position for success in a fundraise as well as fundraising trends.

This on-demand webinar features the authors of the report, Kyle Poyar & Sean Fanning, alongside Co-Founder & CEO of Tesorio, Carlos R. Vega, to answer your questions and help you:

  • Understand the report, how to apply the data to your decisions
  • The key takeaways and how it impacts your business
  • How you stack up against your peers and what to do now
  • See what's new in the 5th addition and why it's important
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