No fees on your first $1,000,000 in discounted invoices
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Dynamic Discounting for NetSuite

Turn your AP into a profit center

15% APR on your cash

Built for NetSuite Verified

Turn your AP into a profit center

Earn up to 15% APR on your Accounts Payable – Tesorio makes it possible for companies on NetSuite. For the first time, a complete dynamic discounting solution is available as a Built for NetSuite verified app.


With Tesorio, each time you approve an invoice, our software offers your vendors accelerated payments in exchange for a discount. When your vendors accept an offer, they get paid earlier and you pay less than the full value of the invoice. Automatically, you start earning a 15% APR on the cash stuck in your AP.

We integrate directly into NetSuite. Start saving today, no help from IT required, and no process changes for your AP team. All you have to do is log in.

Get started in 10 minutes.

Why wait 30 days? Start saving with Tesorio.


Connect to NetSuite


We integrate directly with NetSuite. To get started with Tesorio, you just have to log in.


Automated Offers

After you approve an invoice, your vendor automatically gets a discount offer. You don’t have to change anything about your AP process.


Earn 15% APR on cash

Vendors who accept discounts get paid “Net Now.” You save on every discount and earn a 10x better return on excess cash stuck in your AP.

Tesorio Dynamic Discounting
Built for NetSuite.

Turn your AP into a profit center with Tesorio.

We are the first dynamic discounting solution built for NetSuite.

Installation is as simple as signing on – no process changes required.


No fees on your first $1,000,000 in discounted invoices if you sign up before 11/31/2016

Integrates seamlessly with your ERP

Tesorio connects directly to your existing ERP. You send invoices just as you do today, no change process changes required.

Unlimited seats, unlimited access

Turn your accounts payable into a profit center, wherever you are. Share access with your entire team, you get unlimited access and unlimited seats.

Automate your payment terms

Don’t lift a finger. Using Tesorio, discounted terms are offered on every single invoice you approve, without any manual effort.

Superior cash management for accounts payable

Bank Interest


Annualized Rate

10 Year Treasury


Annualized Rate

Average ROIC


Annualized Rate



Annualized Rate

Turn AP into a profit center.

Automatically notify vendors when invoices are approved.

All at your fingertips.