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Finance teams are stuck in a rut. It’s called the cash flow disconnect.

It’s no secret that cash is the lifeblood of any company. And to truly thrive, you need your cash in a state of flow—moving in and out, adding value along the way and helping you grow. But for some crazy reason, most finance teams are stuck managing their cash flow with a hodgepodge of spreadsheets that deliver outdated, incomplete (or flatout incorrect) data, and they don’t have the tools they need to take action to improve their position. That leads to tedious manual effort, inaccurate forecasts, bad decisions and vulnerable cash positions—an ugly state we call the Cash Flow Disconnect.

Connected Finance Team

Enter the cash flow performance platform.

It works like this: the Total Cash Flow Dashboard shows you everything you need to know about your cash flow performance—past, present and future. You get instantly actionable insights based on live data integration from your bank, ERP, CRM and more, so you’re acting based on the latest numbers. Tesorio's machine learning identifies cash flow patterns that impact your business and autonomously takes action on your behalf, so you can focus on what matters most.

Using the Cash Flow Performance Platform for a few months creates a virtuous cycle, creating new and better financial insights, linking real-time forecasts to actions across the company, removing incentives for bad behavior and creating a state of cash flow harmony with customers and vendors.

All so finance teams can control their cash flow, not the other way around.

Cash flow performance platform overview

Cash flow desktop


  • Company Financial Performance
  • Capital Utilization
  • Customer & Vendor Partnership
  • Optimized Free Cash Flow

One platform. Three ways to flow.

Tesorio by the numbers.

$200 million

unlocked from customers’ balance sheets to date

$1 trillion

projected to be unlocked by 2030

Our customers say

  • “Predicting cash flow with high accuracy helps companies deploy capital more effectively. Optimal cash flow performance also helps companies grow more quickly and more sustainably.”

    Jeff Epstein, Former CFO of Oracle

    Photo of Jeff Epstein, Former CFO of Oracle
  • “The most dangerous person in the business is the person that owns the direct method cash flow forecast because it's so critical for how capital is leveraged and how ROI is produced for shareholders.”

    Dan Fletcher, 2X Tesorio Customer, CFO of MarkLogic

    Photo of Dan Fletcher, 2X Tesorio Customer, CFO of MarkLogic
  • “At Slack we've needed only two people in collections as we scaled to thousands of customers because we use Tesorio.”

    Steven Odell, Credit & Collections Leader at Slack

    Photo of Steven Odell, Credit & Collections Leader at Slack

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