Cash Flow Performance

Tesorio Transforms Your Company Into A Cash Flow Performance Machine

Tesorio’s set of applications work together to improve your finance team’s cash flow performance by tackling core pain points related to cash experienced by nearly every finance organization.
Tapping powerful artificial intelligence systems to automate rote tasks, Tesorio helps your finance team achieve better outcomes by spending more time on creative, higher value activities strategic to company growth.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Predicting cash flow with high accuracy allows companies to more efficiently deploy capital and to grow more quickly and sustainably. Tesorio’s machine learning system pulls in key data for cash flow forecasts from disconnected sources, normalizes the information, and generates beautiful automated reports - at the push of a button.
Tesorio’s cash flow forecasting includes
Automatic Data Collection
All the dirty work of gathering and formatting data is done by Tesorio’s machine learning system
Collects and normalizes all cash flow forecast inputs across multiple disconnected systems
Generates detailed sequences of cash movements down to the line item
No IT involvement required - just works
Intelligent, Push Button Forecasting
A robust, fully-automated cash flow forecast platform for CFOs, Treasury teams and FP&A groups
Generates accurate forecasts in minutes, on a continuous basis
Updates forecasts nightly based on the latest invoice and payment data
Human + AI for better forecasts - Incorporates inputs and guidance from your team into machine learning models to increase accuracy

Currency Risk Analysis

Mismanagement of foreign currency risk can result significant cash losses for companies with global exposure. Smart management can free up considerable cash at a very low cost.

Tesorio’s FX analytics application helps finance teams clearly see the risks and where hedging can safeguard cash flow

Up-To-Date Currency Risks And Hedging Information - Daily updates of currency risks and the potential impact on hedging strategies
Currency Risk Dashboard - See the effect of currency shifts across all currencies and subsidiaries on one screen
Intelligence for Hedging - Provides critical insights for proactive, dynamic hedging to preserve cash and reduce your currency exposure risk

Accounts Payable

Your finance team needs to understand and visualize both receivables and payments to have a full picture of cash flow performance. Tesorio automatically pulls in and maps all AP events from your ERP, allowing your finance team to make smart cash decisions with greater confidence.

Tesorio’s AP application enables:

Continuous spend forecasts - Automatically updates spend forecasts and notifications to AP teams
Automates AP capture for cash flow forecasts - Captures your past and upcoming AP line items to add to cash flow forecasts
Manage vendors smarter - Helps you improve vendor management by synchronizing AP, AR, and cash flow

Flow CRM

Customer Relationship Management for Cash Flow Combines automatic capture of emails with team inputs to build effective, efficient processes catering to your customers’ preferences and behaviors around cash flow, as well as to your team’s internal needs.
Integrates with Office 365, Outlook, GSuite, and other major email systems as well as with ERPs
Codifies best practices for finance teams on customer relationships and customer record keeping
Stores key information about how and when customers wish to engage - email, phone, text
Supports exception notations on accounts to avoid disruption to sales cycles and renewals
Insures that team turnover results in minimal disruption to cash flow performance processes


The Integrated Hub Of Your Cash Flow Process Integrates quickly and easily with critical systems for cash flow performance including ERP, subscription management, CRM, and other financial systems of record to facilitate a holistic cash flow performance practice of excellence.
ERP integrations with NetSuite, Workday, and Sage Intacct
Subscription management integration with Zuora
Email systems integrations with Gmail / Google Apps, Outlook & MS Exchange