Cash Application

Stop Wasting Your Time Reconciling Payments

With Tesorio's Cash App, everything you need is on one page. Record payments, match them against invoices, and post to your ERP, all from a single screen.

Cash flow direct hero desktop

Tesorio's Cash App - A better way to manage your cash application efforts

Let us walk you though a few of our features.

Cash Application allows you to spend less time manually applying cash, freeing you up to chase outstanding invoices and customer inquiries

  • Live, Automated Bank Imports

    A real-time connection with your bank account gives you visibility into incoming transactions as soon as they post. BAI files are supported where needed.
  • Smart Recommendations

    Reduce errors and drive DSO down by using Tesorio's smart recommendations to quickly match payments to customers and invoices. Ensure that payments are applied correctly - every time.
  • Touchless Posting for Portal Payments

    All payments received via Tesorio's Financial Care Center post automatically to your ERP, no manual review is required. Thus, ensuring your ERP remains the source of truth for all financial data.
  • Complete integration

    All your reconciliation work updates Tesorio’s forecast and collections data in real-time, so there are no miscommunications and your reporting is always accurate.

Take Your Finance Team to the Next Level