What is AR automation?

Accounts Receivable Automation speeds the workflow of AR teams and accelerates cash coming into the business.

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Why AR Automation?

Accounts Receivable and Collections teams are under tremendous pressure on the front lines of cash flow. Above all, they’re required to ensure payments happen on time and in full while maintaining strong customer relationships. They must also constantly assess risk (often with limited data) and make accurate predictions on cash coming into the business. Finally, to be truly effective, collectors must have the time to build strong relationships with their customers’ accounts payable team. With automation and Tesorio’s unique AI, collectors gain the insights and ability to easily prioritize their work leaving far more time for strategic tasks.

Automation allows collections managers to effectively balance workloads which improves morale, efficiency, and effectiveness across the collections team.

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Who needs AR Automation?

Any company, whether growing rapidly or in challenging times, that wants to decrease days sales outstanding (DSO) by 30%+, increase collections efficiency by 2X+, protect and improve customer relationships, and more accurately predict cash flow.

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Ready to take control of your cash flow?

  • Chief Financial Officers

    Get a clear picture of your cash flow’s past, present and future.
  • Collections Teams

    Spend less time on manual tasks—and focus on what matters.
  • Treasury Teams

    Unify all your data in one system of engagement.
  • FP&A Teams

    Build better strategies for sustainable growth.

Our customers say

  • “At Slack we've needed only two people in collections as we scaled to thousands of customers because we use Tesorio.”

    Steven Odell, Credit & Collections Leader at Slack

    Photo of Steven Odell, Credit & Collections Leader at Slack
  • “Not having Tesorio would be like me not having my iPhone. It isn’t even a concept I would like to consider.”

    Greg Henry, CFO of Couchbase

    Photo of Greg Henry, CFO of Couchbase
  • “I refer to Tesorio as our robot army—it doesn’t quit, it doesn’t call in sick, and all of a sudden we’re getting payments faster than we ever have before.”

    Chris Cahill, former EVP Finance at Unified

    Photo of Chris Cahill, former EVP Finance at Unified

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