Accounts Receivable Automation

48.8 % of B2B invoices in the United States are paid past their due date... and that number is rising quickly

What is Accounts Receivable Automation?

Accounts Receivable Automation speeds the workflow of AR teams and accelerates cash coming into the business.
Automated Dunning
Unique Templates
Integrated Payments
Custom Tagging
Promise-to-Pay Dates

Why Accounts Receivable Automation?

Accounts Receivable and Collections teams are under tremendous pressure on the front lines of cash flow. Above all, they’re required to ensure payments happen on time and in full while maintaining strong customer relationships. They must also constantly assess risk (often with limited data) and make accurate predictions on cash coming into the business. Finally, to be truly effective, collectors must have the time to build strong relationships with their customers’ accounts payable team. With automation, and Tesorio’s unique AI, collectors gain the insights and ability to easily prioritize their work leaving far more time for strategic tasks.

Automation allows collections managers to effectively balance workloads which improves morale, efficiency, and effectiveness across the collections team.
“More than ever, we need Tesorio to perform perfectly. Reaching our customers to understand and influence when we will get paid is critically important in the next few months to ensure we have adequate cash coming into the business—Tesorio enables this.”

- David Durch, CPA, Corporate Controller for Provation Medical

Who Needs Accounts Receivable Automation?

Any company, whether growing rapidly or in challenging times, that wants to decrease days sales outstanding (DSO) by 30%+, increase collections efficiency by 2X+, protect and improve customer relationships, and more accurately predict cash flow.

Which Roles Need AR Automation?

  • CFO and CEO: Stronger and easier to predict cash flow and improved cash positions.

  • Collections Leaders: Increase efficiency, effectiveness, and workload balancing with software they love.

  • Sales and Customer Success: Better customer relationships, faster payments, detailed payment status insights, and easy collaboration with finance to ensure everybody is on the same page with every account.

Why Tesorio?

Tesorio is the leading cash flow performance and accounts receivable automation platform. We provide the only AR automation tool with AI-driven recommendations and a customer-first mentality. Tesorio’s intuitive, user-friendly interface includes capabilities for cross-departmental collaboration, unique customizations, and tech-stacking connectors across your ERP, CRM, SSO, and email.

Let us show you where you can take your cash collections.