Faster Growth. Lower Risk.

Maximize Your Cash Flow Performance.

More than just collections management and accounts receivable automation, Tesorio is the world’s first and only cash flow performance platform. Tesorio empowers CFOs and finance teams to boost profits by using artificial intelligence to better manage, predict, and collect cash.

Faster Growth. Lower Risk.

Cash Flow Performance Makes Business Better.

Tesorio is the world’s first and only cash flow performance platform. It empowers CFOs and finance teams to boost profits by using artificial intelligence to better manage, predict, and collect cash.
Trusted by the worlds best FINANCE teams

With Tesorio’s cash flow performance platform, finance teams can:

Forecast cash flow, instantly and accurately without spreadsheet pain.
Accelerate collections with AI and automation, and convert more aging accounts to paid.
Boost cash flow and reduce DSO and working capital.
Reduce currency risk with regular exposure updates and visualizations
Improve decision making for capital deployment and business decisions.
Give audit committees confidence in cash predictions and processes.

Profit Is Opinion. Cash Is Fact. Get The Facts With Tesorio.

Managing cash is painful.

Managing cash flow manually in a spreadsheet is error prone and cumbersome. Understanding, predicting and reporting cash flow accurately is difficult and time consuming. And collecting cash is awful.

We help you manage cash.

Tesorio uses machine learning to automatically analyze factors impacting cash flow, and help finance teams and their companies run more efficiently by better managing, predicting and collecting their cash.
“Tesorio is impactful right out of the box, and extremely simple to implement. The click-ability makes the data so simple to maneuver, allowing us to move through conversations and conclusions faster. We save time and have a higher level of consistency with Tesorio.”
Brian Orr
Senior Manager of Treasury at Instructure
“Not having Tesorio would be like me not having my iPhone. It isn’t even a concept I would like to consider.”
Greg Henry
“Tesorio gives me the insights I need to begin confidently forecasting short term cash flows. The solution is also driving massive efficiency gains specifically in our AR team.”
Chris Cahill
VP of Finance at Unified

Built For Cash-Centric Finance Teams

Tesorio was designed from the ground up for cash flow accounting. Tesorio automatically captures ERP, email, and billing system, applies machine learning models, and generates comprehensive dashboards that answer the question “Where are we on cash flow?”
Tesorio seamlessly integrates with leading ERPs, billing systems, and email systems to allow your finance teams to be up and running on our platform within days, not months or years. Integrations include: NetSuite, Zuora, Sage Intacct, Workday, Gmail/Google Apps, Outlook, MS Exchange.

See Tesorio In Action

The total cash flow dashboard:

At a glance - See everything you need to know about your cash flow performance in a single platform.
Faster cash flow forecasts - Build them in minutes, not days or weeks
AI Assist - Machine learning predictions based on past behaviors for smarter cash flow models
Team performance - Finance, sales and customer success teams all leverage increased visibility to improve cash flow

Automated and continuous cash flow forecasting:

Data Aggregation - Aggregates all data sources into one forecast engine.
Constantly Updating - Updates forecasts daily.
Human + AI - Instantly adds human inputs (est. pay dates, etc) to cash flow forecasts.

An automation and intelligence tool for A/R and collections teams:

Powerful Dunning - Design your perfect sequence with granular filters and triggers.
Collection Intelligence - Know when to expect payment so you can prioritize your team’s efforts.
Email Integration - Automatically captures all your customer emails and adds them to accounts and to ERP records.

Currency risk clarity:

Know your risk - See precise currency exposures for hedging.
See your exposure - Visualizes exposure trends and display real-time netted exposure analysis.
Identify transactions that matter - Identifies and calls out high-impact transactions.

Building Cross-Functional Relationships to Strengthen Financial Controls & Cash Flow | Webinar on May 11