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AI-powered tactical finance that connects order-to-invoice, A/R management, cash application, and A/P timing to a 13-week cash flow.

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The future of Finance is not just data-driven—it is action-driven.

Empowering the World's Leading Finance Teams to Take Action

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The Challenge: The Cash Flow Disconnect

Stuck with outdated systems and manual processes? Data silos and errors lead to slow decisions and vulnerable cash positions. We call this the Cash Flow Disconnect.

Traditional methods scatter critical data across disparate systems, hampering your ability to make informed decisions and take timely actions.

Cash flow isn’t just a finance issue–it’s a data problem.

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Your All-In-One Solution for Seamless Cash Flow Operations

Tesorio solves the Cash Flow Disconnect by integrating all your financial operations, connecting every aspect of your business that impacts cash flow. Our AI-driven platform unifies workflows, making cash flow predictable and manageable so you can easily connect the dots on when cash will flow.

  • Visibility

    Empower your organization with real-time visibility into cash flows by unifying data from all finance platforms into a single, secure portal.
  • Predictability

    Leverage AI to deliver accurate cash flow forecasts and actionable insights, enabling proactive financial management and strategic decision-making.
  • Efficiency

    Automate finance processes, reduce manual effort, and streamline workflows to focus on strategic initiatives and drive business growth.
  • Control

    Transform real-time data into actionable insights, with the ability to take action, right in the platform, to speed up collections or slow down payments for cash flow excellence.

Cash Flow Management

Tesorio's Cash Flow Management solution provides comprehensive visibility into all financial inflows and outflows by integrating data from various sources.

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Product Cash Management


AR Automation

Aggregate all collections data and activity into a single platform to enable collaboration and provide real-time visibility into customer payments. Easily create personalized email templates that trigger at the right moment to drive collections. Leverage powerful machine learning to analyze historic behaviors and create per-customer predictive models.

With a clear picture of when payments are coming in, you can reduce end-of-month reporting pressure and hit your collections target.

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Additional Modules to Streamline Your Operations:

Payment Portal

Improve the customer payment experience and get paid faster.

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Financial Care Center

Cash Application

Save time and reduce errors by accurately matching incoming payments to outstanding invoices.

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Product Unposted Payments


Connect to anything

Real-time visibility across your business.
Tesorio works with any data sources.

Bring together data from across your business for a unified view. Tesorio seamlessly integrates with the ERP you use, including NetSuite, Sage Intacct, Workday, Quickbooks, Zuora, and more. Access CRM (such as Salesforce), payment processing and SSO data to provide meaningful and actionable functionality from the tools you already use.

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Our Current AI Features

  • Payment Predictions

    Tesorio's predicted payment date, based on historical data analysis, is the backbone of every forecast.
  • Cash Application Matching

    Customer and invoice identification drives automatic payment application so that collections teams spend less time researching payments.
  • Email Assistant

    Automatically drafted email responses allow collectors to breeze through their inboxes, without sacrificing accuracy or personalization.
  • Natural Language Search

    Quickly find invoice and customer data without manipulating complex filters.
  • Recommended Actions (Coming Soon)

    Tesorio’s AI scans incoming customer emails and executes next steps for common scenarios–like adding a promise-to-pay date–at the click of a button, so teams can focus on the real work.
  • Transaction Categorization

    The most time consuming aspect of Cash Flow Forecasting is eliminated with category generation and automatic transaction categorization.

See Why The Best Finance & Accounting Teams Choose Tesorio to Drive Business Growth…


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Our customers say

  • "Tesorio has reduced time spent on lower priority accounts from 25% of the week to less than two hours per week.”

    Michael Renner, former Senior AR & Collections Manager, Veeva

    Photo of Michael Renner, former Senior AR & Collections Manager, Veeva
  • "I used to spend two days each week chasing money. Now I spend half a day focused solely on our high priority clients. I can’t tell you how much easier Tesorio has made my life."

    Victoria Vetrova, Finance Manager, Currenycloud

    Photo of Victoria Vetrova, Finance Manager, Currenycloud
  • "That’s the beauty of Tesorio—through the scalability of the software, we’ve had the opportunity to reach out to customers in a way we never had before, giving them ‘white-glove’ treatment in a stressful and uncertain time."

    Kevin Beam, Credit Collections Manager, Provation

    Photo of Kevin Beam, Credit Collections Manager, Provation

Experience the Future of Finance with Tesorio

The era of Connected Finance Operations is here. Tesorio empowers you to break free from the limitations of traditional finance tools and embrace a future where data drives action. Transform your cash flow management and unlock the full potential of your business with Tesorio.

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