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Discover how Couchbase cut DSO by 10 days & doubled collections in a year

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Are you ready to automate your A/R?

With Tesorio, you get paid faster.

  • Use AI to manage accounts receivable, so you can focus on your business, not on collections.

  • Check forecasts that give you visibility and control over your cash flow. This way you can make smarter decisions about how to use your resources.

  • Keep your collections process flowing at all times using automated campaigns.

  • Offer a self-serve billing experience that your customers will love.

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Revenue Ain't Real Till You Get Paid

Improve your customer relationships by empowering them to easily check account status on demand, allowing customers to self-serve payments through our customer payment portal.

Give your customers the ability to pay the way they prefer, including via credit card, debit card, and bank transfer. Even allow for offline reconciliation of transactions.

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Top-Rated Cash Flow Solution

A/R Platform Testimonials

  • Not having Tesorio would be like me not having my iPhone. It isn’t even a concept I would like to consider.

    Greg Henry, CFO of Couchbase

    Photo of Greg Henry, CFO of Couchbase
  • Tesorio has reduced time spent on lower priority accounts from 25% of the week to less than two hours per week.

    Michael Renner, Credit and Collections Leader at Veeva

    Photo of Michael Renner, Credit and Collections Leader at Veeva
  • At Slack we've needed only two people in collections as we scaled to thousands of customers because we use Tesorio.

    Steven Odell, Credit & Collections Leader at Slack

    Photo of Steven Odell, Credit & Collections Leader at Slack
  • I used to spend two days each week chasing money. Now I spend half a day focused solely on our high priority clients. I can't tell you how much easier Tesorio has made my life.

    Victoria Vetrova, Finance Leader

    Photo of Victoria Vetrova, Finance Leader
  • I used to put off collections until last because it was so tedious. Tesorio has made it so easy that now it's the first thing I do every day. We even reduced our Average Days Delinquent by more than 30%

    Tara Kelly, Order to Cash Operations Lead

    Photo of Tara Kelly, Order to Cash Operations Lead
  • That's the beauty of Tesorio— through the scalability of the software, we've had the opportunity to reach out to customers in a way we never had before, giving them 'white-glove' treatment in a stressful and uncertain time.

    Kevin Beam, Credit & Collections Leader

    Photo of Kevin Beam, Credit & Collections Leader
The numbers don’t lie.

33 days

average DSO reduction


collections productivity increase


unlocked from balance sheets of Tesorio customers in their first 12 months of use

Get Tesorio. Get Paid.