Who Needs Tesorio

Tesorio Boosts Finance Teams Performance And Makes Their Lives Better

Tesorio helps finance teams improve cash flow performance, reduce DSO, and accelerate collections by using artificial intelligence to better manage, predict, and collect cash. By automating boring, menial, and error-prone tasks and adding intelligent suggestions to guide teams towards improvements, Tesorio makes working in a finance department more rewarding and less stressful.

For CFOs

Tesorio provides comprehensive capture and interpretation of all key inputs affecting cash in a single platform. Above all, CFOs want to know what’s happening and reduce uncertainty. Tesorio gives CFOs clear line of sight to AR, AP, FX, and cash flow trends.
The Tesorio platform helps CFOs:
Reduce DSO, improve DSO/DPO ratios, and reduce cash flow volatility
Improve decision-making by providing real-time views of predicted cash outlays and receivables
Quickly accelerate cash collections in emergencies
More efficiently audit cash processes in ERP, bank accounts, and collections
Gain visibility into finance operations with reporting tools that document which actions were taken, when, and by whom.

For Collections Teams

Collecting cash is the last stage of the customer journey. Tesorio gives collections teams an intuitive platform that addresses all the pain points of collections teams. This allows collections teams to focus on high value interactions with customers and less time on manual and repetitive tasks.
For collections teams Tesorio can:
Quickly identify the highest priority accounts based on payment date predictions
Create flexible dunning campaigns with detailed opt-out rules
Receive comprehensive views of predicted payment dates
Add their own team insights to payment dates and predictions to improve accuracy
Capture emails to customers and add them to the linked ERP records
Note and share per-customer preferences for payment, timing and notifications
Customize and filter views by account, location, aging, predicted-to-pay date, and more

For Treasury Teams

Treasury teams have until now managed risks to cash flow and liquidity deal with unconnected, siloed systems for AR, AP, cash flow forecast data, and currency risks - usually dumped into spreadsheets. The Tesorio platform gives treasury teams the power to unify all the data they need in one system of engagement, where they can ask questions and receive guidance on how to not only keep a company from running out of cash but actually improve its working capital position.
Tesorio's platform helps Treasury teams:
Reduce cash flow volatility and increase cash flow visibility
Connect AP, AR, and FX trends in a single system
Understand how best to hedging FX positions to reduce currency risk exposure
Reduce working capital and free growth capital through smarter management of AP and AR

For FP&A Teams

Accurate, automated predictions of cash flow, AR, and AP allow FP&A teams to build better strategies for sustainable growth - with less time squandered in spreadsheets performing manual tasks. Tesorio’s machine learning system pulls in key data for cash flow forecasts from disconnected sources, normalizes the information, and generates beautiful, customizable reports and forecasts – automatically.
Tesorio’s platform empowers FP&A teams to:
Build accurate cash flow forecasts in minutes, not days or weeks
Update cash flow forecasts daily or weekly, on demand
Test for variance in cash flow models quickly
Creates “human-in-the-loop” models that combine machine learning with human insight for superior accuracy and precision
Provide earlier and more precise warnings to CFOs about problems with cash flow