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Solving the Cash Flow Disconnect:

Direct Method Forecasting

The Cash Flow Disconnect is the difference between what’s really happening with your cash flow and what should be happening. If it’s really all happening the way it should—your company will perform at the top of it’s game.

Join the former CFO of NetSuite, Director of Product at Bank of America, and Director of Treasury at Unity Technologies while they share their insights and advice.

Tesorio Cash Flow Direct

Predicting cash flow with high accuracy allows companies to more efficiently deploy capital and to grow more quickly and sustainably. Tesorio’s machine learning system pulls in key data for cash flow forecasts from disconnected sources, normalizes the information, and generates beautiful automated reports - at the push of a button.
Tesorio Cash Flow Direct includes:
Remove traditional forecasting from your workflow
Forecasting and hitting your cash flow target is tedious, error-prone, and encumbered by rigid processes.
Collect and normalize all cash flow forecast inputs across multiple disconnected systems
Automated transaction-driven understanding and control of your cash flow
No IT involvement required - it just works
Empower your cash-connected finance team to collaborate
Whether performed in an office or remotely, the best work is never done in isolation.
Generate accurate forecasts in minutes, on a continuous basis
Intuitive workspaces allowing teams to work together
Human + AI for better forecasts - Incorporates inputs and guidance from your team into machine learning models to increase accuracy
Spot and address forecast variances before they become problems
Variations from cash flow can have a ripple effect throughout your entire organization that range from the inconvenient to the catastrophic.
Gather and format data with Tesorio’s machine learning system
Have a robust, fully-automated, and connected platform for your entire business to work in unison
Mitigate the risks to your entire business by spotting issues early

“Predicting cash flow with high accuracy helps companies deploy capital more effectively. Optimal cash flow performance also helps companies grow more quickly and more sustainably.”

Jeff Epstein, Former CFO of Oracle