Secrets to optimizing AR workflows

Join Jun Feng, Controller at Contentstack, for a conversation about how she's made both small and big changes that had an enormous impact on her cash flow.

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In this session, Kelli Lampkin is joined by Jun Feng, CPA, finance expert, and Controller at Contentstack. She'll share her day-to-day tips, tricks, and tactics to help make cash flow actionable and predictable.

During the session you'll learn:

  • AR tips for you to implement into your workflow tomorrow
  • The importance of customer connection
  • How to get that money!
Jun Feng

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About Tesorio Accounts Receivable

The Tesorio Accounts Receivable product empowers Finance, Sales, and Customer Success teams to collect cash faster by automating key processes and providing valuable insights on when to collect and communicate with your customers. Tesorio connects your ERP system to make sure that every single invoice is followed up with quickly and with the right information. This allows you and your team to focus on your most strategic accounts to maximize the impact collections have on your cash flow.

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Key Benefits

Key benefits that Tesorio customers realize include:

  • 20-day reduction in days sales outstanding (DSO)

  • 3x improvement in your collections team’s efficiency

  • 75% decrease in time spent on low-value dunning activities

  • 4x increase in customer-base reached

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Does your platform have this?

  • Easy Implementation

    Onboarding is quick and painless—you can get up and running in just weeks.
  • 24/7 Customer Service

    Tesorio’s dedicated team of experts has all the answers, so issue resolution is a breeze.
  • Intuitive Interfaces

    When it comes to usability, Tesorio is second to none.
  • Aggregated Data

    Collect and normalize forecast inputs across all of your systems.
  • Long-Term Optimization

    Control your cash today to focus on longer-term objectives.
  • ERP & Bank Integrations

    Instantly connect to your financial systems of record.

Our customers say

  • “At Slack we've needed only two people in collections as we scaled to thousands of customers because we use Tesorio.”

    Steven Odell, former Credit & Collections Leader at Slack

    Photo of Steven Odell, former Credit & Collections Leader at Slack
  • “I refer to Tesorio as our robot army—it doesn’t quit, it doesn’t call in sick, and all of a sudden we’re getting payments faster than we ever have before.”

    Chris Cahill, former EVP Finance

    Photo of Chris Cahill, former EVP Finance
  • “Tesorio paid for itself in the first 90-days. It is so easy, I was up and running on Tesorio in 30 minutes without any IT support.”

    Jun Feng, Controller, Contentstack

    Photo of Jun Feng, Controller, Contentstack

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