Contentstack undergoes their fastest technology implementation ever on Tesorio in 30 minutes without IT support

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Results with Tesorio include:

  • 11 day reduction in DSO (Days Sales Outstanding)
  • 25% increase in CEI (Collections Effectiveness Index)
  • 10% reduction in overdue invoices

Jun Feng is the Global Corporate Controller for Contentstack. She is a seasoned CPA and finance leader started her career with the big four and took a leap of faith and brought that experience to the startup world. Her combined knowledge makes her a tech savvy connected finance leader. Jun has 15 years of experience serving a handful of Bay Area high-profile tech companies with a proven record of success. “A finance person is not just a number cruncher, the bottom line is they’re actually a relationship builder, the central court for sales, marketing, customer success, HR, and every department in the company!” said Feng.

Implementation in 30 minutes without support

With any new technology the implementation process can require a lot of people and time. The Contentstack team is lean and they didn’t have time for another lengthy and cumbersome technology implementation. With Tesorio, Jun was attracted to the idea of the FastConnect onboarding process, and she ultimately was able to implement Tesorio by herself. “It is so easy, I was up and running on Tesorio in 30 minutes without any IT support,” noted Feng, adding that “of all of the tools we have implemented at Contentstack, Tesorio was the fastest to turn on.” Many finance teams like Jun’s are fearful of a new technology due to the implementation times that they’ve experienced with their ERPs taking months and other tools even taking years.

From disconnected data sources to a unified view

At the end of the day, “Accounts Receivable is just collecting cash for the business.” For the Contentstack team and other companies alike, there are many more things involved in the AR process, from communication tone, frequency, information, sender identity, recipients, etc. A collections team must treat this process like an art; crafting the right messages to the right people at the right time while also staying engaged and in sync with other departments to get their invoices paid. “I don’t want to think about what my AR process looked like before Tesorio,” noted Jun.

“Our wannabe Tesorio at the time was a hodgepodge of disconnected data points tracked in an Excel spreadsheet. We had invoice numbers, comments, hyperlinks to a shared email alias, expected pay dates, and other columns of information. It was manual, at times messy, and very prone to human-error.”

Feng’s team “collects millions and millions of dollars with just two people,” and they needed something that could give them the ability to easily scale.

Seamless internal collaboration

Jun believes that to be a successful finance organization, you must trust the collaboration of technology plus humans, and humans plus humans, all working together as one machine. That means working with new tools and across different departments will allow everyone to succeed at their jobs. With Tesorio, “collaboration is now seamless, I know when customers are going to pay, when my team last spoke with them, what was said, and so much more.” Not having to track down her team for information has saved everyone countless hours, “I know my team is not going to burnout now, my team loves Tesorio for the automation, collaboration, and transparency it provides us.”

Jun continues, “Transparency is key, even across departments. Sales, customer success, and other departments really benefit from Tesorio where they can actually look at an invoice or invoice status and know what’s going on with a customer.” Sales teams can be more aligned knowing which customers are in good standing to try and upsell, and customer success teams can better gauge the health of a current customer knowing payment trends and patterns. “It’s a no-brainer to move to a tool like Tesorio where all of the data and insights you need are connected in one place,” said Feng

Simple and agile accounts receivable

For Contentstack, Tesorio was just easy. Jun saw the value immediately with the lightning fast implementation, the user-friendly interface allowing her to figure out how to send her first campaign within days of onboarding, and the ease of use that even her salespeople could self-serve and find the data they needed in Tesorio. Jun and the entire Contentstack organization have saved an incredible amount of time that they can now use to focus on strategy, aligning data, and building stronger relationships.

“Now that we have Tesorio, I can't live without it.”