ChowNow Streamlines Customer and AR-Employee Experiences with Tesorio, Aligning Flexibility and Automation with Company Growth

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ChowNow is a fast-growing online solution for independent restaurants looking to turn their own web presence into a thriving channel for online orders. With over 7,000 unique clients receiving 20,000 invoices from ChowNow every month, ChowNow’s 10-person billing team stood to benefit from more efficient, automated processes associated with their AR activities.

The company brought on Sarah Hagelin—now Enterprise Billing & Collections Senior Manager at ChowNow—to find a scalable solution for their billing challenges. With over 10 years of startup experience in the Bay area and dozens of successes personally implementing automated tools, Hagelin was the right choice to meet the group’s ambitious goals, which include:

  • Increase satisfaction for even small restaurants by better managing large volumes of orders
  • Improve work experiences and time management among billing team members
  • Improve collaboration across finance, sales, leadership, and other departments
  • Scale the business in a structured and meaningful way

A Billing Team Mired in Manual Tasks

Hagelin found her team struggling with manual processes that added delays and frustration to both team members and customers. For example, the team would pull weekly NetSuite reports of hundreds of failed transactions, then review each item line by line in three separate documents in Google Sheets.

“Our invoices are due upon receipt, yet we had hundreds of unpaid invoices rolling into our AR department every week,” says Hagelin. “This is a high-volume business, and we have to research each one of those failed payments.”

With thousands of invoices issued each totaling no more than $3,100, the toll of her department’s costs and labor—not to mention the risk of employee burnout—began outweighing their positive net results. The team needed better visibility into reporting, including automated features and dashboards that would allow employees to easily access resources rather than work manually on unsecured documents.

An AR Solution That Puts People First

ChowNow’s CFO agreed with Hagelin: The AR department needed to digitally transform if the company was to keep growing. After identifying five competing solutions that might fit the company’s model, Hagelin chose Tesorio for its flexibility, its accessibility for her team members, and the ease with which team members could share data and insights.

“I think that’s the best attribute of Tesorio—it really engages a lot of people in a shared way so that we’re speaking the same language and there’s no wasted time,” says Hagelin. “It's super helpful for communication.”

Hagelin also highlighted Tesorio’s dashboards, automated updates, and self-service capabilities for the support they provide her employees. AR team members can easily access the information they need in a way that is engaging and allows them to “own” their own workspace, without Hagelin’s involvement.

“Helping people apply a concept to multiple scenarios has been my biggest challenge as a leader in the accounts receivable space,” says Hagelin. “Tesorio works for the whole team, allowing everyone to set and measure goals; it’s the solution we need because it never stops working for us.”

Scaling Great Experiences with Business Success

Today, Tesorio has become a “game changer” for ChowNow’s AR team. Tesorio is driving benefits for the rest of the company as the team articulates insights to the CFO and other stakeholders as well. Key elements of their progress with Tesorio include:

  • Customer communication: The AR team can easily route invoices to the right recipient—even within separate areas of a single company, such as in institutions of higher learning. Also, AR team members can seamlessly communicate with customers without labor-intensive follow ups.
  • Internal collaboration: Hagelin can readily orchestrate “behind the scenes” meetups and reviews with account managers, executives, and other company stakeholders, knowing they can visualize and understand the relevant data she chooses to share.
  • User experiences: Hagelin can give her team members ownership of their responsibilities—even to team members who are new to the company. Tesorio supports a secure and approachable employee experience that far surpasses the manual workflows of ChowNow’s past.

Today, ChowNow’s AR capabilities continue to scale with the company itself—even as a greater number of low-dollar invoices arrive within Hagelin’s purview. But it’s the newfound opportunity to focus on the growth of her employees that excites Hagelin the most. “I’ve learned that understanding the strengths of my team members and taking time to invest in those strengths is key,” she describes.