WP Engine Cuts Average Days Delinquent 37% With Tesorio

Case Study
February 7, 2020

WP Engine is the WordPress Digital Experience Platform that gives companies of all sizes the agility, performance, intelligence, and integrations they need to drive their business forward faster. WP Engine’s tech innovation and team of WordPress experts are trusted by over 120,000 companies across 150 countries, helping brands create world-class digital experiences.


WP Engine is a high growth company with hundreds of thousands of accounts, but a small Accounts Receivable (AR) team. To fund growth, WP Engine needed to scale up collections efforts to keep cash flowing, and to increase collections efficiency. WP Engine’s collections relied on manual processes run out of a customer support ticketing system that was not designed for AR. This was tedious, time consuming, and inefficient. “It was not pleasant and required so many touches,” says Tara Kelly, Order to Cash Operations Lead at WP Engine.

This reliance on manual processes also made it hard for the team to share assignments, collaborate, or maintain unified records of account status. Further, these manual processes made it difficult for WP Engine to create team workspaces or automate collections processes such as dunning. “We basically had a bunch of web pages bookmarked and it was hard to hand off jobs. I was almost afraid to go on vacation,” says Kelly. To create a better customer experience, WP Engine wanted to cleanly segment collections by account size. Says Kelly, “Everyone was receiving the same dunning campaigns. We thought we could improve our messaging and results with segmentation.”

To summarize, WP Engine wanted to:

  • Collect cash faster and more efficiently
  • Spend less time on manual processes
  • Easily create team workspaces

Apply granular customer segmentation to collections processes

Learn How WP Engine Doubled Collections Team Productivity

See how Tesorio helped this high growth company grow faster, without raising capital
February 7, 2020
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