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Carlos Vega
August 23, 2019

What is cash flow performance? I spoke with former Oracle CFO Jeff Epstein on this topic at length. Jeff is also an investor in Tesorio. While at Oracle, he focused on trying to improve visibility into all things impacting cash flow. He even contemplated building a tool like Tesorio for internal use at Oracle. In the video, Jeff talks about the core facets of cash flow performance - collecting cash, managing cash, predicting cash - across the finance functions. He also discusses how cash flow performance can help companies run more efficiently at a lower cost of working capital. You can get the details in the video.

See How Tesorio Can Boost Your Cash Flow

The cash flow performance platform that helps you manage, predict and collect cash.
Carlos Vega
August 23, 2019
Carlos Vega is the CEO of Tesorio.
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