How to be Smart and Proactive During Uncertain Times

Webinar Recording
March 26, 2020

Wondering how smart CFOs think and act in uncertain times? We sat down with three of the best in the industry to learn just this.

It has never been a more important time to pay attention to your cash. The whole finance team must be savvier. How can you collaborate to be the trusted advisor your organization is looking to? What should you do immediately and what goes in your action plan?

Watch Jeff Epstein, Hope Cochran, and Ron Gill to hear their practical suggestions in a Panel/Q&A. They serve on the boards of companies like Kaiser Permanente, Hasbro, and HubSpot. They've been public and private company CFOs at places like Oracle and NetSuite. They're investors at Madrona Venture Group and Bessemer Venture Partners. So they've seen their fair share of economic cycles.

How to Think Like a Smart CFO in Uncertain Times

With the former CFOs of Oracle, NetSuite, and King (Candy Crush).
March 26, 2020
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