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Gain financial super powers

Unlock your financial data

Real-time analytics and reporting without the hassle of Excel. Enjoy the financial insight of a Fortune 500 finance team, even if you’re not one (yet).

Control your cash flow

Tesorio combines intelligent working capital tools and bank partners so you can speed up cash in and slow down cash out.

Get real-time alerts

Tesorio constantly monitors your stream of financial data and surfaces specific actions you can take to boost cash for your company.

Integrates with NetSuite

Tesorio has a two-way integration with NetSuite so any actions you take will immediately update your records.

Tesorio is "Built for NetSuite" Verified

This means that our solutions meet the same level of standards for security, data privacy, and overall quality as the solutions offered by NetSuite.

How many Excel sheets do you have?

We’re not a double entry, journal entry, system of record…
We aggregate all the flows of money for your company, and we tap into that stream to find trapped cash.

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